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CA-26: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Drops OPPO Bomb on Linda Parks

Thanks to my fellow reporter, Timm Herdt with the Ventura County Star for the heads up.

If there was any question which candidate is of most immediate concern to Democrats in the 26th Congressional District, it has been answered on the website of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

In the section highlighting key races in California, it cites the 26th and promises that a research book on Republican Tony Strickland will be posted in May. With independent Linda Parks, however, the Democrats are in a bigger hurry to go on the attack.

But, what a bomb – like a 80 page bomb. You can download it here – it is in a .docx Microsoft Word format and takes a while to load.

Just an example:

Moved Supervisor office to more expensive Downtown storefront location after City of Thousand Oaks decided not to renew her city hall Office lease (2007)

In 2007, Parks moved her Board of Supervisor office to a more expensive Downtown storefront location in Thousand Oaks, after the City of Thousand Oaks had decided not to renew her city hall office lease. At the time, the city was paying $3,915 for the 1,700-square-foot storefront location, with a 3% annual increase built in the lease. In comparison, the county was paying $2,784 a month for the City Hall office, with no built-in increase. As of 2007, the county reportedly paid at least $34,000 to upgrade the storefront location to equip the office with a kitchen, bathroom and interior walls. The Ventura County Star reported at the time, the initial cost to renovate Parks’ new office was expected to increase. The payment was coming out of Parks’ $711,000 office budget, which also covered staff salaries. (Ventura County Star, “Supervisor Parks liking new digs,” October 30, 2007) 

You get the idea, especially if you have ever read an OPPO or Opposition Research Report before. It is a treasure trove of information that can be washed, rewashed and spun anyway an opposing POL can manage.

Go ahead and check it out.

I am sure you will see many of the points in the coming weeks, especially in your mailbox.

The fact that the Democrats have so extensively prepared their OPPO research sort of lays waste to the claim that while Parks is much more moderate than Tony Strickland, the Party views her as a suitable alternative in a top two election environment.