Crossroads GPS,  Fiscal Cliff

Crossroads GPS Targets Democratic Senators Over The Fiscal Cliff


Alaska Radio Ad targeting Denocratic Senator Mark Begich

The 2014 election for the United States Senate and GOP control has already started.

Crossroads GPS, a GOP Super PAC is up with radio ads targeting Democratic Senators who reside in Red States.

 Crossroads GPS will launch new radio ads in five states today urging Sens. Mark Begich (Alaska), Mary Landrieu (Louisiana), Kay Hagan (North Carolina), Tim Johnson (South Dakota), and Jay Rockefeller (West Virginia) to support significant spending cuts as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations.  The spots, supported by a $240,000 total buy, begin airing today on local radio stations.

Since the President continues to campaign, promote upper income tax increases and since he has lent his campaign e-mail list to the Fiscal Cliff campaign, I guess the GOP effort is in response.

Why not?

A balanced plan includes more than just the massive tax increases President Obama is insisting Congress pass, and these U.S. Senators should lead by pushing for significant spending cuts,” Crossroads GPS president and CEO Steven Law said in a statement. “It is up to these U.S. Senators to push President Obama and Harry Reid to show real leadership by negotiating a balanced plan which stops Washington spending and helps our economy.