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    CA-26: Early Vote By Mail Report Favoring GOP’s Tony Strickland

    Vote by Mail Report for October 22, 2012Chart Graphic By PoliticalDataInc

    Scott Lay over at The Nooner mentioned Paul Mitchell’s report.

    The report particularly references CA-26 and SD-27 where Republicans Tony Strickland and Todd Zink are in tightly contested races in districts with competitive (nearly equal) party registrations.

    In Ventura County’s two heavily contested races, Republicans ARE turning out to vote by mail. And, turning out like they voted historically in the past two of the three elections.

    In CA-26 (Ventura County based Congressional Election) with Tony Strickland vs. Julia Brownley, Republican voters are at a +4% partisan turnout.

    In SD-27 (California State Senate which may determine whether Democrats win a 2/3’rds majority of the Senate) with Todd Zink vs. Fran Pavley, Republican voters are at a +4% partisan turnout.

    Even, if you consider the other modeling reports, the GOP is plus – at least here in Ventura County.

    Could this mean, greater enthusiasm?

    I think so, as my local friends and colleagues have expressed an increased desire in casual conversation to vote this election. At least, it means Republicans are not discouraged and are turning out to vote, like they have in the past.

    Good news for the Ventura County Republican Party – so far!