Obama Ready To Budget – Here Come the Tax Increases

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It was just a matter of time.

President Obama is putting the finishing touches on an ambitious first budget that seeks to cut the federal deficit in half over the next four years, primarily by raising taxes on business and the wealthy and by slashing spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, administration officials said.

In addition to tackling a deficit swollen by the $787 billion stimulus package and other efforts to ease the nation’s economic crisis, the budget blueprint will press aggressively for progress on the domestic agenda Obama outlined during the presidential campaign. This would include key changes to environmental policies and a major expansion of health coverage that Obama hopes to enact later this year.

Sounds like an economic prescription of the Jimmy Carter years – overregulation, taxation and more domestic, wasteful spending.

America knows the result of these policies – inflation and slow/negligible economic growth.

Wasn’t it called STAGFLATION?

Here We Go Again – Inflation Rears Its Ugly Head

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Remember the late 1970’s, Jimmy Carter, Democrats in control of the Congress, Hyperinflation and Economic Malaise?

Here we go again – It is just starting folks.

Inflation at the wholesale level surged unexpectedly in January, reflecting sharply higher prices for gasoline and other energy products.

The Labor Department said Thursday that wholesale prices increased by 0.8 percent last month, the biggest gain since last July and well above the 0.2 percent increase that economists had expected.

The acceleration was led by a 3.7 percent surge in energy prices with gasoline prices jumping by 15 percent, the biggest gain in 14 months.

Even outside the volatile food and energy sectors, wholesale prices showed a bigger-than-expected increase, rising by 0.4 percent. Economists had expected a slight 0.1 percent rise in so-called core inflation.

We Will need another Ronald Reagan to rein in government spending to right the Obama/Democrat economy.

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George W Bush Watch: Slamming Obama for Appeasement Part Two

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Michael Ramirez on the Democrat Party and Jimmy Carter

The Democrats go after President Bush to protect Obama and his willingness to negotiate WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS with Iran and other terrorist states but who the President was REALLY addressing was former President Jimmy Carter.

“We did not anticipate that it would be taken that way, because its kind of hard to take it that way when you look at the actual words. … There was some anticipation that someone might say you know its an expression of rebuke to former President Carter for having met with Hamas. that was something that was anticipated but no one wrote about it or raised it.”

 So, Obama and his VP, Senator Joe Biden and the remaining Democrat cabal, plus the MSM have reacted wildly?

Barack Obama is upset at this statement by President Bush. Why? What does he disagree with? Shouldn’t he just have seconded the president’s admonition against falling for such a foolish delusion. Or does he know that his promise to talk with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad puts him in the camp of the foolish delusionists?

What else is new from a NAIVE rookie and his minions?

Obama is still at it today and McCain will respond soon.

Stay tuned……


Joe Lieberman Watch: The President Got it Exactly Right

George W Bush Watch: Slamming Obama for Appeasement



Joe Lieberman Watch: The President Got it Exactly Right

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Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Conn) speaks his mind regarding direct talks with Iran with E.D. Hill on Fox News

And, John McCain agrees.

Senator John McCain, who has been critical of President Bush on the environment and other policies this week, on Thursday morning wholeheartedly endorsed Mr. Bush’s veiled rebuke in the Israeli Knesset of Senator Barack Obama that talking to “terrorists and radicals’’ was no different than appeasing Hitler and the Nazis.

“Yes, there have been appeasers in the past, and the president is exactly right, and one of them is Neville Chamberlain,’’ Mr. McCain told reporters on his campaign bus after a speech in Columbus, Ohio. “I believe that it’s not an accident that our hostages came home from Iran when President Reagan was president of the United States. He didn’t sit down in a negotiation with the religious extremists in Iran, he made it very clear that those hostages were coming home.’’

Asked if he thought that former President Jimmy Carter, who struggled with the hostage crisis, was an appeaser, Mr. McCain replied: “I don’t know if he was an appeaser or not, but he terribly mishandled the Iranian hostage crisis.’’

Jimmy Carter botched the Iranian hostage crisis and disgraced the United States. He continues to be a disgrace.

Barack Obama is NO different than Carter in this matter. The Obama policy of unconditional talks with Iran’s Ahmadinejad: “Speak softly and let your enemies beat you with your own stick.”

Asked if he thought Mr. Obama was an appeaser — the Democratic candidate has said he would be willing to meet with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran — Mr. McCain sidestepped and said, “I think that Barack Obama needs to explain why he wants to sit down and talk with a man who is the head of a government that is a state sponsor of terrorism, that is responsible for the killing of brave young Americans, that wants to wipe Israel off the map, who denies the Holocaust. That’s what I think Senator Obama ought to explain to the American people.’’

The Team Obama response is here. And, the Democrat Party cover Obama’s ass response is here.

The Fall Presidential debates WILL be interesting.

Now, will Hillary weigh into this flap?

The Moron Keeps on Talking

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Michael Ramirez on Jimmy Carter negotiating with Hamas

News Item: Carter: Hamas is willing to accept Israel as its neighbor

Hamas, a militant Islamic group that both the U.S. and Israel consider a terrorist organization, calls in its charter for Israel’s destruction. It has also traditionally opposed peace negotiations with the Jewish state.

Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, later said Carter’s comments “do not mean that Hamas is going to accept the result of the referendum.”

Carter’s comments came after his much criticized meetings with the top Hamas leaders in Syria in last week.

Former President Jimmy Carter has NO standing or credibility in these “talks” with the terrorist organization Hamas.

Shouldn’t Hillary and Obama repudiate him as Israel has?