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    Cox & Forkum: Flying While Islamist


    Cox & Forkum: Flying While Islamist

    The Washington Times, Muslim pilgrims urged to complain by Audrey Hudson. (via Iran Press News)

    CAIR is representing the six imams removed from a US Airways flight last month and has asked for a meeting with the airline to seek an out-of-court settlement. It maintains that police and witness reports detailing the imams unusual behavior before their removal last month were ethnically and/or religiously motivated.The imams say they were praying and did not, as the reports say, change seats and make remarks critical of President Bush and the Iraq war.

    Pilots and air marshals called the incident a “PC probe” to intimidate passengers and crew from reporting suspicious behavior by Muslim passengers and are fearful the incident will set off a domino effect of lawsuits.

    Little Green Footballs has the FOX News video of Debra Burlingame discussing the non-flying imams. Debra’s Wall Street Journal editorial, which we linked to previously, can be read here.

    Tim Sumner at 9/11 Families for America provides contact information to support U.S. Air and push back at CAIR.

    Pajamas Media has a the police report on the Faking Imams.

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    Michael Ramirez on Pope Benedict’s Visit to Turkey


    AP: Pope urges religious tolerance in Turkey

    Pope Benedict XVI began his pilgrimage among Turkey’s tiny Christian communities Wednesday by paying homage to an Italian priest slain during Islamic protests and expressing sympathy for the pressures facing religious minorities in the Muslim world.

    The messages — made at one of the holiest Christian sites in Turkey — could set the tone for the remainder of Benedict’s first papal trip to a Muslim nation as he tries to strengthen bonds with the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians.

    The pope is expected to sharpen his calls for what the Vatican calls “reciprocity” — that Muslim demands for greater respect in the West must be matched by increased tolerance and freedom for Christians in Islamic nations.

    Islam – a religion of peace? This is not Islam’s history nor their ideology.

    But, the Pope is attempting dialogue in the Christian way……..

    Stay tuned……….

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    Islam Watch: Teaching Assistant Fired Over Veil FLAP


    Aishah Azmi, Maybe?

    Telegraph: Teaching assistant sacked in row over veil

    A Muslim teaching assistant who was suspended on full-pay for refusing to remove her veil in lessons has been sacked.

    About damn time, but wait…….

    Aishah Azmi’s one year fixed-term contract at Headfield Church of England School, in Dewsbury, West Yorks, was renewed in August despite her not having worked for six months. It has emerged that she attended a disciplinary hearing this week, with her face veiled, in front of school governors and members of the local education authority.

    Mrs Azmi, 24, who attended the hearing alone, was told she was being dismissed and her legal advisers are awaiting official notification before considering any appeal.

    “Until we receive a written decision we don’t know what the reasons are,” said Nick Whittingham, her legal adviser, from the Kirklees Law Centre. A month ago she was awarded £1,100 by an employment tribunal for “injury to her feelings”, but her claim that she was discriminated against because of her religion was rejected.

    The case was seen as a test of the new Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2004 and could yet be referred to the European Court.

    Yet, when she applied for the job and during a training day she did not wear a veil and she had no problem with her appearance before male colleagues.

    Was it because of a Fatwa?

    Who cares. The Pakistani children she was attempting to teach English were having difficulty because they couldn’t see her lips move.

    Fire the Bitch and move on…….

    In the meantime, Britain better get a grip on their immigration policies with regards to their former Muslim colonies such as Pakistan or they will be facing increasing political pressure to adopt Sharia law.


    Tony Blair called the veil a “mark of separation”

    Stay tuned…….


    Islam Watch: Canadian Jewel Heist Features Thieves in Burqas
    Islam Watch: Dutch Muslims Say Proposed Burqa Ban a Violation of Freedom of Religion

    Islam Watch: Dutch Government Supports BAN on Burqa

    Jack Straw MP Watch: Rushdie – “Veils – A Way to Take Power From Women”

    Jack Straw MP Watch: Veiled Threat?

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    Islam Watch: Canadian Jewel Heist Features Thieves in Burqas


    Abdul Rasheed Khalid, owner of Zaibi Jewellers, in Brampton, poses with empty display cases. He was bound and hit several times during a robbery last Friday, the latest in a series of GTA jewellery store heists.

    Toronto Star: Jewel heists target Asians

    One recent robbery included a male thief disguised in a head-to-toe burqa

    Abdul Rasheed Khalid was alone in his Brampton jewellery store filling the display cases with yellow gold rings and necklaces when two people, one wearing a head-to-toe black burqa, appeared outside his locked door.

    “Salamu alaikum,” the 58-year-old store owner said after pushing the entry buzzer, believing them to be a Muslim couple. There was no reply, and seconds later the pair — both males — forced him at gunpoint to the back office where he was bound with duct tape and hit several times. Then his store was cleaned out.”Keep quiet, keep quiet, close your eyes,” they said, while emptying the red velvet trays into duffel bags carried by an accomplice. Khalid caught a glimpse of the crooks. He thinks they were Pakistani or Indian.

    Now, we have demonstrated why the Dutch have attempted to outlaw the public wearing of the Burqa.

    And how about Jack Straw?

    And the disaffected South Asian Youth gangs who have allegedly perpetrated these crimes?

    Well, they know how to cover-up the Muslim Way………

    Will Canada now pass an anti-Burqa law?

    Not a chance……

    Canada prides itself on its multi-culturalism and this might be offensive – even as they are robbed BLIND.

    Stay tuned…..

    Muslim women wearing veils out doing their shopping in Blackburn, England Friday Oct. 6, 2006. Britain’s former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw’s preference that devout Muslim women visiting his office remove their veils ignited a heated debate Friday about cultural isolation and tolerance in Britain. Straw is the Member of Parliament for the constituency of Blackburn.

    Linked with Stop the ACLU. 


    Islam Watch: Dutch Muslims Say Proposed Burqa Ban a Violation of Freedom of Religion

    Islam Watch: Dutch Government Supports BAN on Burqa

    Jack Straw MP Watch: Rushdie – “Veils – A Way to Take Power From Women”

    Jack Straw MP Watch: Veiled Threat?

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    Islam Watch: Dutch Muslims Say Proposed Burqa Ban a Violation of Freedom of Religion


    An Afghan woman clad in a burqa chooses a sheep’s head at a market in Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, Nov. 13, 2006.

    AFP: Dutch Muslims hit out at proposed burqa ban

    Dutch Muslims have hit out at a proposed government ban of face veils, saying it was over the top, ill-conceived and infringed religious rights.

    On Friday the Dutch cabinet said it was proposing a bill banning clothing that covers the face in public, targeting in particular Muslim woman wearing the burqa or niqab.

    The burqa is an Islamic veil covering the entire face and body and a mesh screen to see through, while the niqab is a veil covering the face but leaving the eye area clear. The garments are worn by a few dozen women in the Netherlands.

    Rita Verdonk, minister of immigration and integration, said the bill proposed a ban on the basis that covering the face constituted a risk to public order and safety.

    The ban would be imposed in public and “semi-public” places such as schools, courts, ministries and trains, her spokesman Martin Bruinsma told AFP.

    “In this country, we want to be able to see each other. The ban is a question of security,” daily De Telegraaf quoted on Saturday the minister as saying.


    This is more of a question of compensating for failed Dutch immigration policies and the failure of Muslims in Holland to assimilate. Security sounds like an excuse to Flap.

    But representatives of the country’s Muslim population were unimpressed.

    “They are going to have to find a better argument than security. It is an infringement on the freedom of religion,” said Ahmed Markouch, a Moroccan mosques representative.

    He predicted that the bill would go down badly with the country’s sizeable Muslim population, “because it comes from Verdonk, not because they are in favour of the burqa.”

    Green Party lawmaker Mustapha Laboui, who is of Moroccan origin, said that although he believed the wearing of the burqa in Dutch society was “not logical”, he was sceptical as to the bill’s legality.

    And Ayhan Tonca from the CMO, a group representing Muslims, said that such a law would be “useless”.

    “The existing laws are sufficient for dealing with the problems. It’s over the top, a law for a dozen people!,” Tonca told AFP.

    As in many European countries, the integration of immigrants is a hot topic in the Netherlands, and the bill comes just days before legislative elections.

    This is definitely a political ploy before legislative elections. But, doesn’t the host country have a responsibility to assure assimilation of immigrants?

    Holland should also consider what their population demographics and social welfare state have to do with their “Muslim” problem.

    Stay tuned…….



    Islam Watch: Dutch Government Supports BAN on Burqa

    Jack Straw MP Watch: Rushdie – “Veils – A Way to Take Power From Women”

    Jack Straw MP Watch: Veiled Threat?

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    Islam Watch: Dutch Government Supports BAN on Burqa


    Dutch Minister for Justice Rita Verdonk speaks during a media conference after a meeting of EU justice and interior ministers at the EU Council building in Luxembourg, in this Monday Oct. 25, 2004 file photo. The Dutch government, facing re-election next week, said Friday, Nov. 17, 2006, it plans to draw up legislation ‘as soon as possible’ banning the head-to-toe garment known as burqas and other clothing that covers the entire face in public places. The announcement puts the Netherlands, once considered one of Europe’s most welcoming nations for immigrants and asylum seekers, at the forefront of a general European hardening of attitudes toward Muslim minorities. ‘The Cabinet finds it undesirable that face-covering clothing – including the burqa – is worn in public places for reasons of public order, security and protection of citizens,’ Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk said in a statement.

    BBC: Dutch government backs burqa ban

    The Dutch cabinet has backed a proposal by the country’s immigration minister to ban Muslim women from wearing the burqa in public places.

    The burqa, a full body covering that also obscures the face, would be banned by law in the street, and in trains, schools, buses and the law courts.

    The cabinet said burqas disturb public order, citizens and safety.

    The decision comes days ahead of elections which the ruling centre-right coalition is expected to win.

    Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk is known for her tough policies, and has clashed with past coalition partners.

    Late last year she said the government would look into a ban after a majority in the Dutch parliament said they were in favour.

    Flap doesn’t think such a ban would ever be tolerated/permitted in the United States – violates freedom of assembly, speech and religion.

    However, the Dutch and other European Social Democracies are belatedly recognizing their lax immigration policies of the past are biting them back in the ASS. These folks are simply not assimilating into Dutch culture and NOW wish to impose Islamic Sharia Law on the Dutch!

    The English and Jack Straw have attempted to draw the same line.

    Will they achieve their objective of Islamic assimilation?

    Probably not – unless they get tough and limit their social welfare state and Islamic immigration.

    Stay tuned……..

    Muslim women wearing veils out doing their shopping in Blackburn, England Friday Oct. 6, 2006. Britain’s former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw’s preference that devout Muslim women visiting his office remove their veils ignited a heated debate Friday about cultural isolation and tolerance in Britain. Straw is the Member of Parliament for the constituency of Blackburn.


    Jack Straw MP Watch: Rushdie – “Veils – A Way to Take Power From Women”

    Jack Straw MP Watch: Veiled Threat?

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    Global War on Terror Watch: Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) Tied to Radical Islamic Clerics


    The Jawa Report: Claim: Cat Stevens Financed Terrorists, Tied to Radical Clerics

    The Jawa Report has obtained evidence that Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, was once connected to radical clerics Omar Bakri Mohammed & Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman. According to at least one credible source, he was also involved in terrorist financing.

    In an online voice chat from exile in Lebanon where he fled after British authorities banned several groups connected to him, Bakri told followers that various prominent Muslims would once frequent his office. Among those listed is Cat Stevens.

    Read it all.

    Flap dosn’t think most Americans would want to purchase Cat Steven’s soon to be released CD if they knew the proceeds were to finance radical Islamic terrorist organizations that want to kill Americans.

    Is there any wonder why he continues to be barred from the United States?

    Oh yes and Flap repeats:



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    Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilaly Watch: Sheik al-Hilaly “Will Be Voted Out”


    The Australian: Sheik al-Hilaly ‘will be voted out’

    TAJ al-Din al-Hilaly is set to be stripped of his title of mufti on the grounds that Australia’s 300,000 Muslims do not need a national leader.

    The Australian: Sheik al-Hilaly ‘will be voted out’

    The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, which appoints the mufti, will vote to abolish the position at coming elections.

    AFIC spokesman Haset Sali said yesterday that the new executive board, expected to be elected in February, would work to remove the position of mufti from the council’s constitution because it was not relevant to Australian society.

    Mr Sali said Australia did not need a mufti, nor was there anyone qualified to fit that post.

    “I don’t believe Australia needs a mufti,” Mr Sali told The Australian.

    “It needs a mufti like a hole in the head.

    “And I just don’t think that there is someone who would be not only an eminent scholar but also capable of communicating in a constructive and positive way with the English-speaking community in Australia.”

    In other words spin, finesse and lie about the Islamic teaching to the infidel Dhimmis of Australia. What a joke.

    But, the Shiek apologized? Damn it seems the Muslims are learning from Democrat politicians in the United States.


    The Australian: Sheik apologises to ‘cherished pearls’

    While he expressed some contrition to the women of Australia, he attacked the “dubious media” and “devious groups” which he says have slandered and defamed him.

    Australia’s most senior Muslim cleric collapsed with chest pains and was taken to hospital today following widespread calls for him to quit after delivering a sermon in which he compared immodestly dressed women to uncovered meat eaten by cats.

    In a written statement given to the media at Canterbury Hospital in Sydney today, he admitted the metaphor was inappropriate for western society.

    But he said the comments were made in a private lesson at Lakemba mosque during Ramadan and were not meant for the general public “and particularly not the general women of our Australian society”.

    It was inappropriate for the general public and women of Australian society because they are “infidels” and Dhimmis anyway. Note how the Senior Muslim cleric of Australia really did not say what he said about “UNCOVERED MEAT” was MORALLY WRONG or not the teachings of Muhammed.

    Maybe the Sheik is stepping down because he fancies the politically incorrect football team?


    We all know why the Sheik MUST go. He was exposed teaching that which is taught throughout the Islamic World – the subjugation of women.

    Oh Horrors!

    Any comments from the feminists or Islamophilic Dhimmis?

    Stay tuned………


    Global War on Terror Watch: Aussie Sheik Mohammed Omran – Judges Discriminate Against Muslim Rapists

    Australian Sheik Taj Aldin al-Hilali Watch: Will Resign – “After We Clean the World of the White House First”

    Australian Hijab Watch: The “UNCOVERED” Meat

    Britain Veil Watch: Veil FLAP Could Trigger Riots

    Jack Straw MP Watch: Rushdie – “Veils – A Way to Take Power From Women”

    Jack Straw MP Watch: Veiled Threat?

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  • Global War on Terror,  Islam,  Islamofascist

    Global War on Terror Watch: Aussie Sheik Mohammed Omran – Judges Discriminate Against Muslim Rapists


    The Australian (Via LGF): Muslim controversy spreads to Melbourne

    Just as Sydney’s Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilaly takes leave after his comments about women, the spotlight fell on comments by a Melbourne cleric, Sheik Mohammed Omran.

    Sheik Omran reportedly told his flock on Friday judges discriminate against Muslim rapists.

    He said rapes committed by Australian non-Muslims such as bikies or football stars were treated more leniently than those committed by Muslims, The Australian reports.

    “I feel there is no justice here. Not 60 years and someone else three years, and they did the same crime. Why?,” Sheik Omran told worshippers at his Brunswick mosque.

    “They make a big fuss about these kids because one of them, his name is Mohamed.

    “Even if you kill someone you don’t go for 60 years.”

    It is believed he was referring to notorious Sydney gang rapist Bilal Skaf, a Muslim sentenced to 55 years jail for a series of rapes in 2000.

    “This is where everything has gone unbalanced,” Sheik Omran said. “We don’t support criminals or crimes, but at the same time we want justice for everyone.”

    Sheik Omran also reportedly strongly defended Sheik Hilaly.

    Oh and why not give special dispensation to the Muslim rapist? These women had it coming – they were UNCOVERED MEAT, right?

    More 7th century “ENLIGHTENED” ideology from the radical Islamists.

    In the meantime, Sydney’s Senior Muslim cleric, the proclaimer of UNCOVERED MEAT has asked for an indefinite leave from his duties.

    Sheik Hilaly has asked for indefinite leave from his duties as Australia’s senior Muslim cleric.

    On a dramatic day in which he collapsed and was rushed to hospital, the strain was showing on the religious leader whose comments comparing immodestly dressed women to pieces of meat have ignited a firestorm of controversy.

    The sheik collapsed with chest pains during a meeting with Muslim leaders at Sydney’s Lakemba Mosque that was to have decided his future.

    Stay tuned……..


    Australian Sheik Taj Aldin al-Hilali Watch: Will Resign – “After We Clean the World of the White House First”

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    Cox & Forkum: NO FARE


    Cox & Forkum: No Fare

    Star Tribure: Airport taxi flap about alcohol has deeper significance by Katherine Kersten.

    The taxi controversy at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has caught the nation’s attention. But the dispute may go deeper than the quandary over whether to accommodate Somali Muslim cabdrivers who refuse to carry passengers carrying alcohol. Behind the scenes, a struggle for power and religious authority is apparently playing out. …

    When I asked Patrick Hogan, Metropolitan Airports Commission spokesman, for his explanation, he forwarded a fatwa, or religious edict, that the MAC had received. The fatwa proclaims that “Islamic jurisprudence” prohibits taxi drivers from carrying passengers with alcohol, “because it involves cooperating in sin according to the Islam.”

    The fatwa, dated June 6, 2006, was issued by the “fatwa department” of the Muslim American Society, Minnesota chapter, and signed by society officials.

    The society is mediating the conflict between the cab drivers and the MAC. That seems odd, since the society itself clearly has a stake in the controversy’s outcome.

    How did the MAC connect with the society? “The Minnesota Department of Human Rights recommended them to us to help us figure out how to handle this problem,” Hogan said. …

    What is the Muslim American Society? In September 2004 the Chicago Tribune published an investigative article. The society was incorporated in 1993, the paper reported, and is the name under which the U.S. branch of the Muslim Brotherhood operates.

    The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna. The Tribune described the Brotherhood as “the world’s most influential Islamic fundamentalist group.”Because of its hard-line beliefs, the U.S. Brotherhood has been an increasingly divisive force within Islam in America, fueling the often bitter struggle between moderate and conservative Muslims,” the paper reported.

    The international Muslim Brotherhood “preaches that religion and politics cannot be separated and that governments eventually should be Islamic,” according to the Tribune. U.S. members emphasize that they follow American laws, but want people here to convert to Islam so that one day a majority will support a society governed by Islamic law.

    Come on. Screw these Muslims. If they don’t wish to accept a fare for whatever Islamic reason and they own the cab great – don’t accept it. If not, get another job, man.

    Remember the founders of this country fled Europe, why?

    Religious intolerance

    No Islamic Law in Minnesota, for Now by Daniel Pipes.

    A week ago, it appeared likely that Muslim taxi drivers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport would win special dispensation to avoid transporting alcohol-carrying passengers. The Metropolitan Airports Commission had proposed to give those Shar’i-minded drivers an off-colored light atop their cabs, allowing them to remain in queue while customers with bottles found other cabs.

    I opposed this “two-light solution,” arguing in “Don’t Bring That Booze into My Taxi” that it intrudes Islamic law into a mundane transaction of American commercial life. I urged readers who share my views to write the commission to make known their views.

    On October 10, a few hours after my article first appeared, the commission met and reversed itself on the two-light solution.

    And now the Muslims think they can come here and begin to impose their Sharia religious laws?

    NO WAY – Mohammed……

    At Dhimmi Watch, Robert Spencer notices the Sura license plate, which comes as no surprise to me because I learned about it from his highly educational book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades).

    Good reading………

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