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    President 2012: When Mitt Romney Came to Town or Will Come Crashing Down?

    Capitalism made America great – free markets, innovation, hard work – the building blocks of the American Dream. But in the wrong hands some of those dreams can turn into nightmares. This film is about one raider and his firm and how they destroyed that dream for thousands of Americans and their families – Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.

    Remember I wrote months ago that the LEFT and others would use Bain Capital against Mitt Romney. Of course, I thought it would be in the general election and not the GOP primary election.

    They will do to Mitt in 2012 as Ted Kennedy would have done to Mitt in 1994.

    Remember the ads Senator Barbara Boxer ran against former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina in 2012? Boxer slaughtered Fiorina with those television ads.

    Obama will do the same but on STEROIDS to Mitt Romney.

    The GOP electorate might as well get used to it, because the storm is coming and it is coming in a few hours after the New Hampshire polls close.

    Think Mitt Romney is a good candidate for the Republican Party?

    I say, think again, because these issues will hand the Presidency back to President Obama and the Democrats.