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President 2012: Why the GOP Should NOT Settle for Mitt Romney – The Unaired Ted Kennedy Television Ads

The press and pundits have been good lately reporting the collapse of Texas Governor Rick Perry’s campaign for the Presidency. Well, he did perform poorly at the past two GOP Presidential debates and he lost the Florida GOP Straw Poll to Herman Cain.

But, hold on…..

Who is the alternative?

The answer is Mitt Romney.

But, what about Romney?

Romney is NO conservative and will have illegal immigration problems with the GOP base when he is scrutinized – or Perry runs his ads. Remember this from the 2008 campaign.

But, what conservatives need to understand before they “SETTLE” for Mitt Romney and throw Rick Perry under the bus is that Romney is VULNERABLE to the attacks Ted Kennedy used against him in 1994. See the devastating ads in the above video that Kennedy did NOT even have to run.

Obama will run these type of ads BUT ON STEROIDS – just like they ran against Carly Fiorina in California last year.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is speaking at the Reagan Presidential Library this evening. He would be a welcome addition to the Presidential field. However, if he or Mitch Daniels do not enter the Presidential arena, don’t be so hard on Rick Perry.

Understand what you are getting should Romney win the GOP Presidential nomination.