California Citizen’s Redistricting Commission Creates Competitive Ventura County Congressional District Without an Incumbent

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Draft Congressional District map from the Rose Institute

The California Citizen’s Redistricting Committee today released its draft redistricting maps for California Congressional and Legislative districts.

In Ventura County and particularly where I live in Thousand Oaks, a new Congressional District has been carved out without an incumbent Representative. Currently, GOP. Rep. Elton Gallegy is my Congressman.

If this draft makes its way into final form, Rep. Gallegly will either have to move from his home (or not, since Reps. are not required to live in their representative districts) since Simi Valley is not included in this district.

One of the most dramatic impacts would be felt by 13-term Republican Congressman Elton Gallegly of Simi Valley. The draft congressional maps place his hometown of Simi Valley, along with Moorpark, in a district that extends eastward into Santa Clarita and Palmdale. That area is the home turf of 10-term Republican Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon.

The map also creates a congressional district without an incumbent living in its boundaries — the district that includes nearly all of Ventura County except for Simi Valley and Moorpark. Gallegly could consider running in that district, since he has represented all of those areas at some point in the past. But the voter-registration breakdown in that district, 42 percent Democrats versus 35 percent Republicans, would make it a challenge for candidates from both parties.

Game on, for this competitive Congressional seat should Gallegly decide not to move.