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    Barack Obama Watch: Inflate Your Tires

    Barack Obama’s answer to meeting energy demands

    Let’s see, Barack Obama’s solution to high gasoline prices and America’s dependence on foreign oil:

    Inflate Your Ties?

    Say what?

    Listen to how Rush Limbaugh ridicules Obamessiah’s plans:

    Stupid indeed.

    But, Barack Obama is “The One.”

    Barack Obama has NO energy policy and it is the Democrats in Congress that have contributed to this energy crisis. How about some REAL solutions?


    Sean Hannity this afternoon has also ridiculed Barack Obama’s “Inflate Your Tires” energy policy:

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    Rush Limbaugh on Barack Obama’s Berlin Speech


    Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) arrives to deliver a speech at the Victory Column in Tiergarten Park in Berlin, July 24, 2008

    El Rushbo on the Barack Obama Berlin speech today:
    Rush Limbaugh accuses Obama of believe that he will single-handedly reverse the damages caused by the US, which is apparently a nation of philistines.

    The transcript:

    “This is change. But ladies and gentlemen, if you are wondering when you hear Obama talk about change, this is it. The change is: America sucks, America’s deficient, America’s guilty, but America is now willing now to pay the price because we have a Messiah who understands the faults, the egregious errors made by the United States and her people. We are racist, sexists, bigots, homophobes. We discriminate against people who worship differently than we do, have skin color different from ours, and we have not always behaved properly in the world. And we torture. And we, of course, are biased against people who want to get into our country illegally. We have a lot to pay for. Not to mention that we are primarily the country responsible for climate change, shrinking the Atlantic coastline, melting the Arctic ice. This is the change. You want change? This is the change. Now, I think he knew he was on some thin ice.”

    Flap thought he had heard this speech before and he HAD. The presentation was excellent, short on substance and will probably mean little in the long run up to the political conventions.

    Not too many voters in Berlin, Germany.

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    Rush Limbaugh Watch: $400 Million Deal Shatters Broadcast Records


    Matt Drudge has the exclusive:

    In what is being described as an unprecedented radio contract, Limbaugh will keep his syndicated show on-the-air and e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e through 2016 with CLEAR CHANNEL and PREMIERE RADIO.

    Already host of the most lucrative hours since radio’s inception, Limbaugh’s total package is valued north of $400 million, according to media insiders.

    The NEW YORK TIMES will claim this weekend that Limbaugh, marking 20 years this summer as a national host, has secured a 9-figure signing bonus for the new deal, newsroom sources tell DRUDGE.

    Air America on the LEFT goes bankrupt and Rush Limbaugh secures a deal for $400 million. Does that tell you anything Snerdley?

    Certainly it is why the Democrats will push the Fairness Doctrine if Barack Obama is elected President.

    Congrats Rush…….

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