More Sponsors Pull Their Ads from Rush Limbaugh’s Radio Show

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Sponsors Pull Ads From Rush Limbaugh’s Radio Show Over ‘Slut’ Comments

I don’t think this will hurt Rush Limbaugh or the Premiere Radio Network financially. Here is the network’s statement:

Rachel Nelson, public relations director of Premiere Networks, which syndicates Limbaugh’s show and has ignored repeated phone calls since Friday, emailed POLITICO this statement early Tuesday:

“Premiere Networks is committed to providing its listeners with access to a broad range of opinion and commentary without condoning or agreeing with the opinions, comments or attempts at humor expressed by on-air talent. We respect the right of Mr. Limbaugh, as well as the rights of those who disagree with him, to express those opinions.”

The statement continued, “The contraception debate is one that sparks strong emotion and opinions on both sides of the issue. Last week, in an attempt at absurdist humor to illustrate his political point, Mr. Limbaugh used words that unfortunately distracted from the message he was trying to convey. We believe he did the right thing on Saturday, and again on his radio show on Monday, by expressing regret for his choice of words and offering his sincere and heartfelt apology to Ms. Fluke.”

If anything, some of these companies will suffer from lack of exposure from Rush’s massive audience. And, don’t think that other conservative talkers are not re-evaluating their ad relationships with these companies (like, by increasing their ad rates).

Here is the list so far:

  • AccuQuote Life Insurance
  • Allstate Insurance
  • AOL
  • Bare Escentuals
  • Bethesda Sedation Dentistry
  • Bonobos
  • Carbonite
  • Cascades Denta
  • Citrix
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Hadeed Carpet
  • Legal Zoom
  • Philadelphia Orchestra
  • PolyCom
  • ProFlowers
  • Quicken Loans
  • Sears
  • Sensa
  • Service Magic
  • Sleep Train
  • Sleep Number
  • St. Vincent’s Medical Center
  • Tax Resolution
  • Thompson Creek Windows
  • Vitacost
  • Capitol One

The LEFTIST site think Progress is driving the boycott and have a revised list.

Now, I am not calling for a boycott of these companies. But, it is obvious that the LEFT is trying to drive Rush Limbaugh off of the airwaves or at least to keep this flap alive for political advantage. Of course, the LEFT reeks of hypocrisy.

I believe RIGHT arguments will win over LEFTIST Saul Alinsky tactics. More speech and discussion is always better than less.

Targeted boycotts against companies sponsoring LEFT and RIGHT commentary type programs, suppress speech and discussion. Plus, it deprives businesses from exposure to large groups of people.

However, I, also, feel that the RIGHT has been disproportionately subjected to these type of boycotts and should NO longer tolerate them.

Professor Jacobson has a novel approach regarding Carbonite, the online back-up company.

A special Focus Page has been created as a place at which readers can post information and links documenting whether Carbonite is advertising on programs and venues (including websites) which have engaged in personal attacks or uncivilized discourse.  This is a sunshine project, not a boycott.  Whether a consumer chooses to use Carbonite or a publisher accepts advertising from Carbonite is not a concern of this project.  We do not seek to have Carbonite stop advertising anywhere, and would have preferred that it live up to its original statement of keeping politics out of its advertising.  When will the project end?  When Carbonite lives up to its own standards.

Rush Limbaugh will replace those advertisers that will leave because of this flap. I would not be surprised if some of them return eventually when the heat is off. However, I would also not be surprised that some of these companies will be asked to take a hike by other RIGHT radio networks.

Video: Stephen Colbert on the Fluke – Limbaugh Flap

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In this comedic skit, not unlike Jon Stewart’s, Stephen Colbert goes after Rush Limbaugh.

In Colbert’s sarcastic rant,  I liked the personal attack on Rush regarding the fact he has been married four times.

The LEFT media cannot help themselves, can they?

Notice how there is really no discussion of the issue of religious freedom vis a vis contraception and who pays for it – I mean, after all, it is Comedy Central….

Re: Rush Limbaugh – Should Conservatives Make an Example of Carbonite and ProFlowers?

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Professor Jacobson makes the case for a boycott.

Liberal groups have seized on a strategy I didn’t think would be effective, but has had some success, to go after advertisers of prominent conservative media personalities.

Media Matters explicitly seeks to bring down Fox News and investigate its executives, and Fox News advertisers have been targeted by groups like Color of Change, which has targeted Glenn Beck, Eric Bolling, Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchanan and Andrew Breitbart.

Now Rush Limbaugh advertisers are the target because of an analogy he used.  As Jimmie Bise points out, Rush’s comments were overblown if one listens to what he actually said, but nonetheless, the use of “slut” or “prostitute” even in an analogy was inappropriate, as Rush has acknowledged.  It also distracted from the attack on religious freedom which is the heart of the controversy.

As has become the pattern, Rush’s advertisers immediately were attacked and threatened, and several gave in quickly, like Quicken Loans and Sleep Number, pulling their advertising.

No advertiser was more associated with Rush than Carbonite, an online computer back up company.  Rush often would read Carbonite’s ads himself, and would tout their service.

Read it all.

Seems sort of a waste for Carbonite, since they are just spewing money anyway. But, to use advertising to suppress free speech reminds me what happened during the California Proposition 8 election and its aftermath.

The LEFT loves this tactic and the RIGHT is tired of taking it.

I will NO longer purchase flowers from ProFlowers.

I urge my fellow conservatives to send the message to ProFlowers and other advertisers.

Day By Day March 5, 2012 – Star Wars

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

Carbonite certainly has the “right” to purchase advertising on any radio program or venue. However, their political proclivities have certainly become evident with their cancelling of ads on Rush Limbaugh’s Show .

David Friend, the CEO of Carbonite, an online data backup provider, said in a statement on the company’s Facebook page that he hoped his and other advertisers’ decision to pull their ads from Limbaugh’s show “will ultimately contribute to a more civilized public discourse.”

I, as a consumer, also have the “right” to do business with anyone I wish and Carbonite will not even be considered by me. I recommend the same treatment for Carbonite by all conservatives.

Pro Flowers is another advertiser who has pulled their ads from the Rush Limbaugh Show. I note they also advertise a fair amount on other conservative talk radio shows, including Salem Communications.

So, will they pull those ads when they do not agree with the commentator? Or a guest?

I will no longer do business with this company either.

Quicken Loans, Sleep Train Mattresses, Sleep Number, LegalZoom, Carbonite and Citrix have also said they will pull their advertisements from Limbaugh’s program.

Rush Limbaugh’s Parody of Clint Eastwood’s Chrysler Halftime in America Super Bowl Ad

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It’s Halftime in America. And our second half is about to begin. All that matters now is looking ahead and finding a way forward.

I like Clint Eastwood and have enjoyed his films for decades. And, I do not have a problem of him making some money on this ad for Chrysler.

What I do object to is my tax money being spent on bailing out poorly run automobile manufacturers in Detroit.

Here is Rush Limbaugh’s video parody of the Clint Eastwood ad: