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Poll Watch: Majority Say CIA Harsh Interrogations Justified

Yet, a slim majority also say that they favor a government investigation into the use of harsh interrogation techniques used on terrorism suspects.

A new Gallup Poll finds 51% of Americans in favor and 42% opposed to an investigation into the use of harsh interrogation techniques on terrorism suspects during the Bush administration. At the same time, 55% of Americans believe in retrospect that the use of the interrogation techniques was justified, while only 36% say it was not. Notably, a majority of those following the news about this matter “very closely” oppose an investigation and think the methods were justified.

The fact is that President Obama has NOT declassified all of the CIA memos that describe the CIA enhanced interrogation techniques and their success, if any.

Obviously, the Left’s and President’s argument that the techniques were not justified has not been accepted by a majority of Americans.

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  • Miami Web Design

    Harsh investigation is justified because no accused would open his mouth if he know that he won’t be harmed during interrogation but CIA should need to take proper care so that they don’t pick innocent people because it really effects their mind and you give birth to one more potential terrorist of future there

  • flaurena

    No harsh methods should be used ever and the US was not justified. All those terrorist suspects should be presumed innocent till there is proof and it is a disgrace the way they were treated. The US bought on the terror attacks by their own policies and now show themselves for what they are. Why do you think the attacks were cheered by many Euorpeans? America just can’t handle it when they are bullied, they dish it out but can’t take it.

  • Flap

    I call bull shit @5.

    Yeah the Twin Tower and Pentagon bombings were brought on by America – yeah right.

    I say dunk those Al Qaeda scum Mofos a few more times.