CA-26,  Julia Brownley,  Linda Parks,  Tony Strickland

CA-26 Video: Linda Parks Up First With Television Ads

The production value is not very polished, but Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks is first out with television ads – albeit the local cable television channels.

The end of the ad is a little strange when the Supervisor says she paid for the ad and then declares that her favorite ice cream is rocky road.

I suppose she is referring metaphorically speaking to this race for Congress because Democrat Assemblywoman Julia Brownley and Republican State Senator Tony Strickland just announced massive fundraising totals that dwarf Park’s for the first quarter of the year.

I wonder when the first mail will hit? I mean the mail besides the “free” taxpayer paid mailers that all of these POLS will be sending out to their constituent/voters.

Remember the election is less than 60 days away….