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CA-26: Fundraising Totals Show Republican Tony Strickland Far in the Lead

California State Senator Tony Strickland at January’s Congressional announcement

Fundraising totals are now available for all of the candidates in CA-26 and Tony Strickland is the big winner.

Tony Strickland: The Republican state senator from California raised a huge $781,000 in the first quarter for his run at a competitive open House seat in the 26th district, besting both Democratic state Assemblywoman Julia Brownley and independent Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks by half a million dollars. If the GOP can snatch this seat, it would go a long way toward stopping some of the bleeding after a tough redistricting draw.

Here is more about Julia Brownley, and David Cruz Thayne.

In CD26, Julia Brownley picks up $256k and has $254k on hand, Tony Strickland raised $782k with $732k on hand, and David Cruz Thayne collected $39k and has $62k on hand.

And, Linda Parks:

A clickable link for Linda Park’s fundraising totals is here.

There is little doubt that Strickland is up and the Democrat Brownley is surprisingly down.

But, Linda Parks is up first with cable television ads and undoubtedly some campaign cash will be raised and spent by Strickland and Brownley.

First round of the fundraising wars goes to Tony Strickland tough.