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CA-26: Republicans Vote for Linda Parks Tomorrow

Linda Parks Republican CA 26: Is Linda Parks a Republican?


Why not?

In California’s new top two election system, Ventura County voters can have either have a Far Left Democrat (Assemblywoman Julia Brownley) or a No Party Preference moderate in Ventura County Sueprvisor Linda Parks, face off with Republican Tony Strickland in November.

Brownley without hesitation will vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and for every left-wing cause down the line.

Parks is a moderate and although more left than I would like will at least be approachable on issues. Not to say that Parks will vote more conservative, but who can be MORE left than Santa Monica resident (oh yeah Brownley just moved) Julia Brownley?

Conservative voters tomorrow have an opportunity for a two-fer. Strickland and Parks.

Tomorrow vote for Linda Parks.


  • Politicallyincorrectvc

    I’m not sure I follow…doesn’t a good showing for Tony Strickland strengthen momentum for him going into the general?  Having been a part of campaigns in the past, I know that (regardless of primary position) everyone is still looking to get as much support as possible and Strickland and co. surely have a number in mind for percentage of the vote they hope to capture.

    Also, this says nothing about how people view each candidates chances in the general.  It certainly appears that Strickland could beat either Brownley or Parks in the general but if I’m a Republican who believes Strickland stands a better chance against Parks, why would I support her “just in case” Strickland doesn’t win? 

    Telling Republicans to vote for Parks isn’t helping to get the best conservative candidate elected.  I disagree with your logic here.

    • Politicallyincorrectvc

       Sorry…should have said “If I’m a Republican who thinks Strickland stands a better chance against Brownley, why would I vote for Parks in the primary?”

      This is for the sake of discussion.  I personally believe Strickland will be the next Congressman from Ventura County regardless of who he faces.

      • Gregory Flap Cole

        I would rather see a Ventura County conservative vs. a Ventura County moderate face off than a VC Conservative vs. Far Left Santa Monica resident race – especially since the Dems/Unions will pour in tons of money in the race for Brownley. They may support Parks, but not without a commitment to vote for Pelosi.

        Parks is a better opponent for Strickland.

        Besides the campaign fireworks will be most interesting.

        • Politicallyincorrectvc

          So do I take that to mean you believe Parks is an easier opponent for Strickland to defeat?  I’m assuming you’ll vote for Strickland against either one, is that true?

  • dude

    Linda Parks is a horror of humanity and totally out to lunch. She has no principles whatsoever. I’d rather vote for Hannibal Lecter.

    • Politicallyincorrectvc

       I don’t agree with your assessment but I will say that it’s ridiculous for Flap to suggest that Republicans should vote for anyone but Tony Strickland.  All Flap has done is either A) expose his lack of knowledge about politics or B) is the result of some weird grudge that is causing him to suggest people Republicans don’t vote for one of the few consistent conservatives in Ventura County.

      I’ve had my differences when some of the blog posts here that I read occasionally but this is just ridiculous.  The campaign fireworks would be more interesting?  Are you kidding me?  Do you think that when the balance of power in the house is at stake that we should be playing games for entertainment purposes?  Strickland deserves the vote of Republicans, period.

      • Gregory Flap Cole

         Are you afraid of Linda Parks beating Tony Strickland in the general election?

        With NO money, how would Parks accomplish that in a Congressional District which is plus EV for a Republican (nominal Democrat registration).

        Brownley would have national monetary support and WOULD vote for Pelosi as Speaker.

        Vote Linda Parks.

        • Politicallyincorrectvc

           No, like I mentioned several times previously, I think Strickland will defeat either one of them.  The media will do a lot of the work for either Parks or Brownley should they make it past tonight.  I just think it’s unwise to ask Republicans to vote for Parks at any time.  At the very least, they should instead be encouraged to vote for one of the other three Democrats if it’s Brownley you want to hurt.  Why boost Parks numbers?

          Republicans should vote for Tony Strickland, both today and in November. 

          • Gregory Flap Cole

             Well, already done. This Republican voted for Linda Parks.

            I wonder if Parks can siphon off sufficient votes to finish second?

            Who knows?

            There may be fall out from the Linda Parks vs. Audra Strickland race and Tony may not do that well.

            But, the voter turnout will be abysmal unlike in November.

          • Politicallyincorrectvc

             Are you supporting Strickland in the general election regardless of who advances to face him?

          • Gregory Flap Cole

             LInda Parks proved to be the weakest candidate. Now, Strickland will face the full money and labor machine of the LEFT.

            Yes, I support and endorse Tony Strickland for Congress.