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President 2008 Watch: Mark Warner a Challenger to Hillary?

Let the campaigning begin? Virginia Gov. Mark Warner presses the flesh Friday at a Democratic Party luncheon in Manchester, N.H.

The Washington Post has Away Game

Mark Warner Says Goodbye to the Home Team, Maybe See You Next Next Next Fall

Gov. Mark Warner surges into New Hampshire, beaming with red state credibility and teeth like mah-jongg tiles.

“Wow, what great energy,” he says amid a standing ovation from a luncheon of Democratic activists. He is trailed by 10 reporters and cameramen, a Big Deal entourage, and emits the radiance of a prospective candidate packing considerable ’08 momentum.

In ’05.

In the Granite State’s perennial presidential calendar, the outgoing Virginia governor has become his party’s heat magnet since his protege Tim Kaine was elected to succeed him two weeks ago. Political smarties see Kaine’s win as a repudiation of President Bush and a boost to Warner’s presidential ambitions and — well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Well, if Warner starts to poll well in New Hampshire look for the Clinton personal press attacks. Warner is a possible for Vice President but Bill Richardson is from the West and gives Clinton a key constituency – the Latino vote.

NB: The comment on whitened HORSE TEETH.

This will be interesting to watch…..

Stay tuned……..

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