Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: Jesse Jackson, Bianca Jagger Plead for LIFE

AFP has Jesse Jackson, Bianca Jagger plead for life of US inmate

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson and human rights champion Bianca Jagger visited a condemned US inmate and called for celebrity governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to spare his life.

Crips gang co-founder Stanley “Tookie” Williams has redeemed himself writing children’s books during his 25 years in San Quentin State Prison and still denies committing the four murders that landed him on death row, Jackson said.

“The evidence, at best, is shoddy. His reputation as a gang leader was on trial, not the actual evidence of the murders,” Jackson said after he and Jagger walked out of the prison where they visited Williams.

“Not long ago we were told there was evidence of weapons of mass destruction, a slam dunk. We lost American lives on circumstantial information and we should not make that kind of life-or-death decision again.”

Jackson and Jagger decried the case against Williams as based on evidence that included jailhouse “snitches” out to ingratiate themselves with police.

Williams is an African-American man railroaded by a prejudiced judicial system because he couldn’t afford better lawyers, said Jagger, the first wife of famed Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger.

Potential black jurors were kept off the jury that convicted Williams, Jagger said.

Williams has not apologized for the slayings because “he would rather die than lie” and lay claim to crimes he did not commit, Jackson and Jagger said.

“I appeal to governor Schwarzenegger,” Jagger said, her eyes watering and her lips trembling. “You could grant him clemency; change death to life imprisonment without parole.”

Flap wants JUSTICE for the four DEAD MURDERED victims of Williams.

He deserves the “BIG JAB”.



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193 thoughts on “Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: Jesse Jackson, Bianca Jagger Plead for LIFE

  1. I am not a proponent of the Death Penalty…in any case, for any any indiviudal, of any ethnicity, socio-economic or educational background, under any cirucumstance. I believe that life in prison without possibility of parole affords our judicial system several advantages, saves money by eliminating the costly appeals process, allows one the opportunity to commute sentences in the event that error is discovered and the convicted is actually innocent, and life in prison is far more punishing than death. My view of the Death Penalty does not fluctate from case to case, based upon racial bias, empathy or sympathy for the impoverished, or distaste for the wealthy. It remains the same. I am also a Christian. As such I do believe in forgiveness for ones sins. However, I also believe in suffering the consequences of one’s actions, which could possibly mean prison time. I have read so many entries on this page that were frankly…disturbing. Must racial hate influence some individuals every thought and opinion? Some here claim to be humanitarians concerned with victims rights, however, based upon their very ugly comments, they are not far from the murders and criminals they claim to so detest. I would be afraid to be left alone in a room with some of them. Where is the dividing line?

  2. Save Tookie becuase he’s done so much for kids in gangs?????? Give me a break. If we don’t execute him we’ll teach them that there is no ultimate consequence and they can always dodge the penalty. Do the young kids a favor and show them there ARE consequences — Give it to him!!!

  3. I am not originally from this country, and so I do not really know what to think about this case. I don’t know why he refuses to admit to the murders he committed. I do not understand why big celebreties back him with all this considered. This case reminds me of the movie Natural born killers, where the murderers are glamourized, and at the same time they are only very superficially understood, at best, by anyone who is not a sick and depraved criminal. What the celebrities do not understand i think is that Tookie has been traumitized as a child, and even as a criminal who witnessed his own horrific acts against humanity. He would have to laugh off, and deny anything as horrific and traumatizing as the horrific murders he committed, or else he would go crazy. Maybe he was a good man, and that is what the celebrities saw in him. Maybe he was a good man who made a traumatic mistake he could never go back on. Maybe he was a good kid that got swept away by drugs and wreckless idiots.

    But then it seems Tookie could have done much more than write childrens books. He still shakes hands and accepts, with arms wide open, cryp members like snoop doggie dog. Not to mention the fact that snoop is spreading trash talk and violence throughout the poor black neiborhoods with his profit-generating, self-serving music. Kids in the ghetto now adays DONT READ BOOKS, THEY LISTEN TO RAP MUSIC. If Tookie really wanted to do some good for poor black urban culture I could name hundreds of things he could of done besides write childrens books!(not to mention hang around the respectable people at the very least!)

    But I am wrong to blame Tookie for this, for it is not his fault that black celebreties and politicians have failed and continue to fail to do ANYTHING to reverse trash-talk and violent culture. I guess they are all to busy trying to “get some” or “catch some booty” or too busy trying to be a “brotha- know what I mean?” instead of being a role model or going against the grain. Tookie was simply doing the best he knew how to do.

    In fact one could argue that it was the celebreties and politicians who ultimately sealed his fate. For some of these people might have had the power and social respect to reverse his fate had they done something more respectable for young black america than continue to write gangsta rap. It seems the celebreties used Tookie for selfish gain like they used every other resource available in their lives. I’m sure none of them knew him well enough to cry after his death, either. Proof to the bolony!

    How about Tookie’s white lawers too.. It doesn’t seem they did everything they could have done to keep him alive. Tough case…Tough case… So long murderous spirit. Good luck in the next life!

  4. Bye Tookie. You messed up. Redemption? Explain it to Saint Peter. And Albert Owens, Tsai-Shai Yang, her husband and her daughter. That is if you see them. I’m thinking you might not.

  5. Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams killed those people and there was ballistics evidence traced to his gun. His two friend that he hung out with reported that he confessed to both of them. I am convinced that Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams did kill people violently for little or no reason. Regardless of his new jailhouse halo and stuff. He should have thought twice before he killed those people. He referred to the Asian family that he killed as “Buddha-Heads” as he confessed to a friend.
    I am against the death penalty, but I feel that Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams is most definitely guilty.

  6. I wish to remind everyone here that it is NOT our place to decide where Tookie ends up after death. For those of you who would like to immediately place him in hell, I’m sorry, you have no power in this instance. God’s graces, however mysterious they may be, will have the final say. The minute a humanbeing tries to speak on behalf of God, well… tries to play God. That is the original sin, that is the fall. Becareful of damning someone who has already been damned. You only make yourself look bad.

  7. i give up. in my 20yrs of livin i have seen too much ignorance and racism to care anymore. america today is based on every man for himself and aint shit we can do. if u dont have money or power, then u live on other peoples morals. my messages to all my black brothers and sisters is take care of yourself and your family thats the only thing that matters.

  8. A Europesn governour ——— I am ashamed
    murdering, killing armees as heroes —
    as long as people want revenge and are not striving for a change to the better
    this world is lost to the …………
    who is it, who is throwing the first stone??????????????
    How would all of us be, if we grew up in such a neighbor hood????????
    But on a big scale, we make business with Saddam – with Osama Bin Laden….
    What is Justice????????????
    Do all the ones, who ordered and did killing and torturing get a death sentence??????
    May them all be forgiven – since they don’t know what they are doing.
    Let us all pray for wiser men to govern this world.

  9. What really kills me is the fact that at any point the race card can be pulled. Someone please explain to me how that card is not completely worn out. Listen, this man (or lack there of) was a gang member. Excuse me, founder. How then could you even begin to base any decision off his word alone? Do you realize that gang members are not upstanding citizens of this country that you can take at their word or trust at all? I do not know what these people smoke or whatever to come up with these bogus rants on how innocent he is and what a victim he is. I’m sorry, but if a jury decides that a man is guilty and that man has the record that “tookie” had, chances are they are right. And please do not try to take the focus off his crimes by talking about the ethinicity of the jurors. These people had functional brains and made the right decision based on EVIDENCE!!! Anyway, how many gang members do you know choose the crimes they are going to commit and say to themselves, “Oh no. Killing people is the wrong thing to do. I have to draw the line here.” In that case, he wouldn’t have been anywhere near the crime scenes where these innocent people lost their lives. You can’t change a man like that either. People, don’t you think that if your life was on the line that you would try any stunt to make yourself seem reformed? Let’s clap for this bastard cause he can write a book for kids. You wanna do the kids of our nation a favor? Try NOT STARTING A GANG!!! How does one think you can fix a mistake like that. That’s why he had to die. And while I’m thinking about it, how ignorant must these celebrities be to waste their energy by making any ridiculious plea on this moron’s behalf? In the past few years, it seems like all these celebrities who have smoked themselves stupid have decided to get in the public eye and make profound statements, or so they think. Snoop Dogg (CRIP-go figure), Jesse (I’m completely worthless) Jackson, Jamie (Can I just get some attention) Foxx, Susan (everything I say is profound) Surrandon, and all these other douche bags have way too much time on their hands and absolutely nothing going on in their brains. You know what? Use your time and energy, since you think it is so special, to be an activist for something worthwhile. Try “feed the children” or something like that. Spare the rest of us from having to listen to your bull shit. You know, it’s a tough world, but if you worry about yourself and do what you KNOW is right, more than likely you will never find yourself in “tookie’s” shoes. My rant is over. Please use your brains.

  10. What really fucks me up is that none of this shit had anything to do with tookie. The real reason that they killed him is that they are hoping it will calm some of the gang violence here in Californis down, but it wont this people go, go out now and bang harder then ever before bacause you killed one of thier leaders.

  11. “Are you kidding me?” GROW UP! If forget the tookie case… if you really think that racism is gone right now in our day and age, then you sir haven’t used your brain.

  12. i wouldve killed em too. he killed them n yall know he did it. just cuz he wrote books and did campaigns on anti-gang violence, he stilled killed em. who else do yall know killed bout 4 people and got away wit publicly. just cuz he black all d black people said he didnt do it. by the way im black

  13. JUSTICE WAS SERVED. Pathetic people. If only I was black then I could sit on my fat ass and draw a welfare check and cry some one owes me this.

  14. ….Getter done! Yeah baby, gang-bang this REHABILITATED….FREE AT LAST!

    …pathetic gang bangin low-life dirt wads!

    Arnold did the right thing! Hre’s your crip sign…Thumbs UP! or DOWN…however you want to read it idiot retards!

  15. Justin, buddy, no one said racism is gone. My point is that you cannot use “racism” as an excuse to do whatever you want and get away with it. Think about it, SIR! What kind of ignorant person says the reason this man was found guilty is because the jurors weren’t from Compton. Give me a break. Read what someone says and quit using your excuse for a brain to decipher plain english.

  16. It is done. What have we learned? What do we do now? Let us try to practice peace so that the four who died will not have died in vain. So Stan Williams will not have died in vain. Let us put a stop to the hate. This is a hard world. Bittersweet. Let us make it better. Now. Before it is too late.

  17. All these post mortem opinions are really not necessary. We got the man we wanted…he is gone now. To abuse the people in here who happened to be on the opposite side of the table in their idealogy, with vulgar and personal attacks, lowers your esteem to the level of the man we just sent to Hell. If you persist in rubbing their noses in it, then I haven’t any use for you people either.
    Your not anything close to being funny in your comments. In fact,You reinforce the notion that America has it’s share of rampageous Stupidity.


  19. Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!

    (get a REAL job Jessie Jackson) your are tired and your antics are old hat, dude! Anything to do for a person just as long as they are BLACK. You create more racisum on this turf than you ae worth…pathetic! no shame in your games…

  20. I don’t believe that one or two people can start up a gang like the crips, thats hard to believe thats one person’s doing.
    To say he deserved to die for all those killings is wrong, I believe people can change for the good.
    In our judicial system you are guilty until proved innocent, but sometime that theory seems to throw innocent people in jail, I’ve learned that prosecutors want to throw the book at you, knowing that they know your innocent and not enough evidence to proof the case, if your poor that even worse, they assign you a horrible lawyer, your pretty much screwed, I believe the system is a racist one.

  21. WAD UP DOC!!!!!!!

  22. Tookie for Nobelprize? I am afraid of peoples warped brains. Tookie a Gangmurder equal to Mother Theresa, Albert Schweitzer. Hard to believe uh…

  23. Noname? You got it all wrong. Your innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

    And about starting a gang!? Jesus approached Peter, than Andrew, than James and etc. Ending up with a gang of men for a good cause. Nevertheless, Christianity started with Jesus, evolved into a gang and ultimately into a huge organized Religion.

    Now, why is hard for you to accept the fact that williams started the Crips gang for an evil cause?

    Now, if you want to discuss the system as being Racial, here is a fact you might not know about: Since the death penalty was reestablished in California, eleven men were put to death.
    Eight were white, two were black and one was Hispanic.
    This throws the baby(Racism)out with the bath water. In a simpler explanation, over 70% of the men executed were white. Racism is a catchall word connoting Discrimination or prejudice used by the opposition to further their cause, even when it doesn’t exist.
    Other catchall words that are often used by the opposition are : Anti- Semitic; Sexism, Nazism, to name a few.

  24. The sympathy wasted on this murderer sickens me. I’m not big on capital punishment but in this case I make an exception. People are making a celebrity out of this guy. It’s infuriating! Goto as see what he did to his victims. It’s a discusting snuff site but it will get you to wake up especially you pathetic European losers who think his penalty was unjust. No childrens book will make up for that. Regarding the Nobel Peace prize; I bet I could get myself nominated, I know I’m more worthy. It’s a ridiculous argument for clemency.

    Williams stood ever his dying victims who were begging for their lives and offered no mercy, he deserved none himself. He excuted a 26 year old father of two who’s children now have no memory of their dad at point blank range blowing football size hole into his back, mocking him as he lay dying gasping for his last breaths while he eats a stolen burger over his body. All four murders netted around $220. Are you pathetic enough to believe someone like that can be reformed?

    You people are pathetic. Bottom line is that he was a sociopath who would say anything to anyone to save his own skin.

    Justice prevailed for a change; It’s a shame it took 24 years.

  25. I see in the CNN photo from their website, that the people that had the balls to burn an American flag in front of San Quentin State Prison did have big enough balls to NOT wear masks over their faces. You don’t like how things work here? Get the f*&# out. You don’t have to burn our flag to be heard. Go to Iraq or Iran if you want to burn flags. They will love you.

  26. burn in hell tookie!! tell johnny cochran I said HI! hahahahahahah!! stupid tookie supporters make all us normal folks laugh!!hahahaha!! hope it hurt tooks!!!! hahahahahah!!

  27. CORRECTION: I see in the CNN photo from their website, that the people that had the balls to burn an American flag in front of San Quentin State Prison did NOT; have big enough balls to NOT wear masks over their faces. You don’t like how things work here? Get the f*&# out. You don’t have to burn our flag to be heard. Go to Iraq or Iran if you want to burn flags. They will love you.

  28. Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye! The song applyies…has a nice ring to it, thanks!

    And GANG BANGERS are another form of TERROISTS that do nothing for this country but lie, steal, cheat and rob people of there loved ones and property, just like TOOKIE did to them honest middle classed working for a living citizens and just like the other GANG members who are on the evening news and crime blotters sucking our society dry. We see them on TV and read about the destruction they do in the newspapers every single day, and thanks to TOOKIE and his briliant idea forming his COWARDLY CRIPS street gang. As far as I am concerned when they EXECUTED TOOKIE they did us all a big favor and removed one parasite off mother earths ass, one less low-life parasite for the State of California to support his existance on death row. And to you TOOKIE SUPPORTERS, yeah it figures, burning our Flag. And to BARBARA BAGNUL -however you spell the last name- YOU POMPUS, ERAGANT KNOW NUTHIN NAPPY HEADED TOOKIE LOVER SAYING THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA MURDERED TOOKIE…Get real lipstick lips, he was executed like the law spells out for idiots who MURDER INOCENT PEOPLE like your poor little TOOKIE MURDERED THEM PEOPLE. Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye! ROT N HELL TOOKIE! …get a real job Jessie Jackson, you shit stirer! out!

  29. HOORAY!!!!!!! Poor Ol’ Tookie is gone for good!!!! YAHOOOOOOOO!! I am presently taking tap dancing lessons, so that I can do a little dance on his grave!!! Too bad, tho, that they can’t stuff that loudmouth idiot, Jesse Jackson, in Tookies’ grave too!!! Tookie, that no good, lying, murdering, arrogant piece of crap… and look at those monumentally stupid celebrities who were crying for him! None of them had ONE word for the victims… what out of touch morons!!! Hey, Tookie, after you meet your maker, maybe you can start up the Crips again!!! Just like old times, huh!!!

  30. To Tookie… GOODBYE and GOOD RIDDANCE!! Here come the maggots to have dinner with you, you A hole!!! And just look at Bianca Jagger… YUCK!! She looks like a dried out prune!! And what exactly is HER claim to fame? We have to listen to HER just because she got humped by that living fossil, Mick Jagger? I can’t imagine a woman willingly lying underneath THAT walking skeleton!! What some sluts will do for money!!! And to the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson… To be called a “Reverend”, it means you have to be revered by someone…. WHAT A JOKE!!!! You are nothing but a loudmouthed trouble maker who has had only ONE real job in your entire life!!! Remember, Jesse, working in that restaurant, where you were fired for spitting into white people’s food? Thought we forgot about that one, huh, Jesse? You human TURD, I wish you were on the cot next to Tookie, getting YOUR shot of death juice!!! Maybe one day soon….

  31. John 3:19 This is the judgement, that the Light has come into the world, and men loves the darkness more than the Light, because their deeds were evil.

    Jesus is the light, everyone needs Jesus. The heart of the matter is what’s the matter with your heart. Open your eyes to the one, real truth of this world, that Jesus saves, all the rest are empty bank accts.

    Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
    Romans 6:23 The wages of sin is death.

    Merry CHRISTmas one and all, it IS about Jesus!!

  32. Ok this really strikes me odd. Tuesday morning i read in the paper. That Terrel Owens had a party on Monday night in Atlanta. Well check this out. Who was in attendance, none other then Jamie Foxx and Jessie Jackson. Doing their part for stanley williams. oh yea they really gave a rats xss about him. come on that is just funny. If you believe in something why you at a party hours before his death. whatever. If I can find a link to the article I will post it.

  33. The Spitting Jackson
    by Will Varner
    from the American Times Today

    Former Black Panther leader Jesse Jackson admitted in a November, 1969 “Life” magazine interview that when he worked as a waiter in a Greenville, South Carolina hotel he spat into the soups and salads of White customers. “[Spitting into the food] gave me a psychological gratification,” Jackson said.

    During his early years in the communist civil rights movement Jackson often repeated this story to audiences. In fact the New York “Times” in a July, 1972 article, said: “Jesse would spit into their soup or salad before he brought it to the table, and watch with enjoyment as Whites ate gobs of saliva as though it were, say, oil and vinegar dressing.”

    Jackson’s formerly self-professed behavior as a waiter reflects his contempt for Whites. When he was an adolescent he often made fun of Whites, recalls Horace Nash, a classmatte of Jackson’s in Greenville.

    “He [Jackson] made up foolish jokes about Whites, about how stupid they were,” remembers Nash. “He used to turn things around, and he actually looked down on White people.”

    As a self-professed preacher Jackson sometimes delivers sermons on the legacy of slavery, and many of his campaign speeches are laced with strong racist overtones.

    We urge all Whites that frequent fast-food chains and who are concerned about their health, to remember that if there are negroes preparing food there, you can bet that they are doing the same thing.


    Celebrities, ex-teammates help Owens celebrate 32nd birthday
    By The Associated Press
    December 13, 2005

    ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Terrell Owens doesn’t need to score touchdowns to celebrate.

    Exiled from the Philadelphia Eagles last month, the All-Pro wide receiver known for his flamboyant end zone theatrics hosted a birthday party Monday night at rapper Jay-Z’s 40-40 club. T.O. turned 32 on Dec. 7.


    The bash drew several NFL stars, some of Owens’ former teammates on the Eagles and a few celebrities.

    Among the celebrities on the guest list were Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

    Former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin, former Bears coach Mike Ditka, Redskins running back Clinton Portis and Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss also were invited. Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was a surprise name on the list — he and Owens feuded last year when Owens spurned a trade from San Francisco to Baltimore.

    A day earlier, the reigning conference champion Eagles were eliminated from playoff contention with their sixth loss in seven games. Jevon Kearse and Lito Sheppard were among the 11 Eagles who attended.

  35. New York Sun Editorial
    December 14, 2005

    In California this week, supporters of convicted killer and founder of the Crips street gang, Stanley “Tookie” Williams, argued that Williams should be spared execution because he had changed his ways while in prison, writing children’s books about the evils of gangs and encouraging young people to lead better lives than he had. Others argued that he should still have to pay for the crimes for which he was convicted in 1981 no matter what he had done with himself in the meantime. We didn’t hear anything about the gun control laws that were in effect 26 years ago when Williams committed the crimes that landed him on death row. What happened in San Quentin prison Monday night was about Williams and the four people he victimized.

  36. The Spitting Jackson, very interesting. And a former black panther, no wonder he acts the way he does. I am not all that surprised and now I can understand his racist laced speeches he gives. I now know he has a excuse for all of this, simply a mentaly ill individual who is a glory-hound and insecure with in his self. What is this guy, is he a real Reverand? He preaches but certainly does not set an example for his people to follow.

    If Tookie Williams was a white man would these same people come to his defense? I doubt it, there would’t be anything in it for them. They cry wolf and site racisum all day long but they can’t take it when it gets tossed back at them. What a miserable life to be like that.

  37. Thank you, albeej!!! You got the real facts on good ol’ Spittin’ Jesse!! I wonder how all of them can look at themselves… they all use each other for their own gain!!! Tookie was using Jesse, Jesse was using Tookie.. that “black brotherhood” routine is getting old… any of them would stab each other in the back for a little publicity.
    And as for that Barbara Becnel…. How can she stand up so often for that lousy murderer? I would like to shake her hand, if she was EVER that supportive of the victim’s families! Oh, well, someone else to despise… HEY!!! Maybe she and Jesse can hook up!! That would be a match made in heaven!!! Go, Jesse, GO!!!!!

  38. Today, is the happiest day of my life! I stayed up to catch the play by play of poor, sweet, innocent, happy go lucky Tookie….. After all he didn’t kill those innocent people, the SHOTGUN did!!! That evil, murdering gun wasted all of them!! Poor Tookie, he was just holding it when it went off…. Tookie, you evil bastard, you sure got it easier than your four victims… I just wish I could have been there to see you dead. They hook you up, strap you down, in goes the IV, and the chemical is released… YIPPPEEEE!!!!! Soon, your last batch of bad breath is expelled into the room! I would suggest dropping your corpse into an alligator pit, but even THEY would get indigestion eating YOUR evil carcass! Rot in peace, Tookie, rot in peace…..

  39. So Jesse Jackson says he used to spit in White folks’ food, huh? Very interesting. Not cool. But then again, White people used to lynch Blacks, shoot them, imprison them, whip them and burn them alive just because they were Black. And lynching isn’t a “relic” of the past. . .the Klan lynched a young Black man in the South as recently as the 1980’s !!! Maybe there is a REASON some Black folk feel like spitting in our food. Maybe they’ve had it with us arrogant White people and they’re just sick and tired of the whole mess we created with our racism and our attitude that we are entitled to own and use and abuse EVERY FUCKING THING ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH! I am White, and I can totally understand where Black people are coming from. I admit my life is a hell of a lot easier because I’m not Black. I doubt many of you White people out there would have the balls to admit it to yourselves.

  40. wake up people. let’s stop bickering among each other. let’s come together and fix this madness.all blacks aren’t being mistreated,all whites aren’t racist. what do you say to black on black crimes. Is that the racist fault? lets stop putting labels on people. don’t you know labels are hard to peel off. Let God be the judge, afterall He’s the only one who sees, knows and hears all. let us seek Him for the answers we are looking for and so desperately need. please let’s stop bickering. those innocent victims that lost their lives for nothing are gone, Let’s get it right in their honor and for america’s sake.

  41. Woah!
    What’s all of this bad talk here? You would think TOOKIE actually took that shotgun and murdered four innocent law abiding citezens or something? I don’t belive it one moment. That shotgun must have jumped out of Tookie’s hands and went off by itself. I think that is what occured and I am patiently waiting to hear Barbara Becnel prove that Tookie Williams is a innocent man like she says. I ain’t holdin’ my breath you can count on that!

  42. Monday night, 11:58 p.m. at San Quentin, Stanley “I Didn’t Do It But I Redeemed Myself By Allowing Some Chick To Put My Name On Some Books” Williams sits on a gurney, awaiting his fate. The phone rings. The guard picks up, says “why hello! … OK … Well, yes, of course. Boy, was that close!” He hangs up, turns to the Tookinator and says “Good news! I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico!”

  43. Commercial opens with Williams’ being strapped to the gurney, the eyes of everyone on him, a look of despair in his own eyes, while the voiceover says, “Want to get away? Southwest has flights to hundreds of getaway spots…”


  44. Given the reports that the injection took a bit longer than planned:

    Commerical opens with the technicians fiddling with the hoses, Tookie strapped to the table eating a Snickers bar with one hand while the voice over asks: “Not going anywhere for a while?”…

  45. Tell me who are all you to condem one man for these acts. The was little evidence that he commited those murders. Who are you to say this man should be murdered himself because he started a gang. Sure this man did some awfull things in his life, but he did some good things two. By the way all of you are fking racisits. He is more likely to get the needle cause he is black because of the still lingering prejudice in todays government.
    It is not like he is going to go around killing more people if he got life in prision. the only thing that he can do is make a possitive impact by writing more childrens books and preaching anti violence.
    Oh and idiot woman up there who says what should i tell my kids. if “crime is ok as long as you make “ammends”” and “it is alright to kill innocent victims in cold blood, but not alright to use lethal injection on the perpetrators” and ““crime pays”, that if you are a smart enough murderer you may be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize”
    then you my dear should have your kids taken away because you have no clue how to parent. Where are those good morals we all claim to have? Love your enemies pray for your prosecutors how bout you tell your kids that. Tell them that this man commited a horrible crime when he was young and now he is suffering punishment for his crimes in jail, but he is trying to do what he can to make ammends. Show them there is good in everybody.


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