Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: FLAP Over “Tookie Must Die”

A news conference dissolves into a shouting match Wednesday in Los Angeles after radio host John Ziegler, right, confronts activists John Jackson, center, and Shaka Satori, left, as they protest the “Tookie Must Die” show on KFI-AM.

The Orange County Register has Williams’ supporters decry radio show

Supporters of Stanley “Tookie” Williams, the street gang leader and convicted killer facing execution in three weeks, have filed a federal complaint against a Los Angeles radio station for a “Tookie Must Die” campaign by two talk-show hosts.

The Federal Communications Commission complaint, dated Tuesday, charges “racist and inflammatory statements” by KFI AM talk-show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou and comes amid an escalating political battle over Williams, who has been embraced by anti-death-penalty activists and some celebrities.

The complaint is specious.

Flap says JUSTICE for Tookie’s murdered victims.

19 thoughts on “Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: FLAP Over “Tookie Must Die”

  1. time of this murderer to server his sentence. I mean the OL of the crips, he has murdered people that we will never hear about. All the flap is because he is black. Time to meet your maaker tookie… good ridance

  2. Tookie Williams is a cold blooded racist killer and deserves to be put to death at his appointed time. The world will be a better place – good ridance Tookie you scum

  3. In most cases when it comes to blacks,the guilty verdict is number one. Tookie like every citicen has a right to have another trial.if tookie has to die all the whites that destroyed africa for 500 years should die as what about BUSH is he qualified for death for the killing of civilians in the middle-east?

  4. I have a compromise that would be good for both sides of this debate. We could punish him AND at the same spare his life.

    Have the guards tell Tookie we are sorry, but the governor denied your clemency. So they take him to the chamber and convince him that he will be getting “executed”.

    But instead of injecting with something lethal like potassium chloride, inject him
    with water instead. In the meantime, he starts squirming and sweating that he is going to die. In the meantime, he anticipates “death”.

    After an hour or so of this, tell Tookie. “Hey we were just kidding, we injected you with water.”

    That way he is punished AND he lives.

  5. Before I start, I would like to urge everyone to please form intelligent arguments before you click to submit. As a young Black man, I do not appreciate my race being disrespected, or fellow blacks sending messages that make us appear as the ignorant “kaffirs” most whites perceive us to be.
    Over the last few weeks, I have read a barrage of media articles and other publications regarding Mr. Williams and other things. I, along with several others have had time to form OPINIONS and SPECULATIONS, biased or otherwise, about what they think happened that night in 1979. First, Mr. Williams said that to give inside information about the Crips organization would be “snitching”. Well, you have to understand that at first, the purpose of the Crips was to feel safe in their own neighborhood. A lot of what occurs now is a result of the younger guys. As far as snitching goes, in Mr. Williams’ neighborhood, they live by a strict code, and tattling, or “snitching” is a heinous crime in the Black ‘hoods, mostly punishable by death. So, why save your life to have it taken by one of your own. As good as prisoner segregation may be, I bet someone would take you out over time. NONE of you know if Mr. Williams personally killed all four people, so stop trashing the man. All you know is what you have been fed. Only those people killed, Mr. Williams, and God Almighty know what happened at those places. If he did, in fact, murder those people, then it is a slap in the face to the Black race, and his supporters; as well, it goes to show MAINSTREAM White America (that means to subtract the White people that want to be and try to act Black) how ignorant the African-American race is. If he did commit those robberies, he only made enough to get by for a few days. Maybe it was a lot of money in ’79, but today, you could make that amount of money in one paycheck at a fast-food restaurant.
    However, America has gave so much focus to Mr. Williams’ fate that it has lost sight of what is going on in society. Homosexuality is gradually taking over, and that will be the beginning of the end. Sexually-transmitted disease are at an all-time high, mainly because of these queers, as well as undercover queers, who pretend to love women, but will either bend a man over, or will “drop the soap” more than some inmates do. There are countries waiting for the chance to blow us off the face of the earth. People are murdered every day, and now, the founder of an anti-social black organiztion “kills” someone and he is rushed to death, no matter how long it took to actually carry out the sentence.Many of our young men are doomed to die young because they are going to fight so you can have this very right to be fighting over such trivial matters as this.You people disrespect him, and then he is immortalized. What is he is posthumously found innocent? Uh-Oh. Not to compare him to Jesus, but you crucified him, AND THEN YOU LIFTED HIM UP. It may take a while for those of you with two-digit IQ’s to comprehend that.
    In closing, you do know what happened, let the ultimate judge handle this case. Other races, do not disrespect my race anymore than they disrespect themselves daily. This is not slavery or the days of the Klan. A lot of you people claim to be Christians, but then you curse more than drunken sailors, and you seek to shed more blood than some of the gangs you despise.

  6. fuck john kobylt and ken chiampou u stupid bastadrs i hate
    people like u i hope da crips kill u

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