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Stanley “Tookie” Williams Executed: The Austrian Retribution


Liebherr Grazer AK – Schwarzenegger Stadion – The ground is named after its most famous son. The Schwarzenegger stadium is the home of both Grazer AK and Sturm Graz. The Stadium, which has a capacity of 15,400, cost €20.5 million, and opened on July 9, 1997.

The Sydney Morning Herald has Arnie’s terminated

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Football Stadium in Austria’s second-largest city Graz is to be renamed as a sign of displeasure with the city’s most famous son,.

A majority of members on Graz City Council voted to rename the stadium after the Austrian-born governor of California approved the execution of Stanley “Tookie” Williams, according to newspaper Kleine Zeitung.

The Terminator-turned-governor was born six kilometres outside Graz in the community of Thal.

“It’s getting on our nerves that we’re again and again being criticised for Schwarzenegger’s actions in California,” said SP Vice Mayor Welter Ferk.

By not stopping the execution of condemned killer Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams, celebrity governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, pcitured, avoided putting a nail in his own political coffin, academics said.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made the RIGHT call.

This “retribution” is a small price to pay for the execution of such a renown and sadistic murderer as Stanley Tookie Williams.


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