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Michael Angelo Morales Watch: United States Supreme Court Refuses to Halt Morales Execution

San Francisco Chronicle: High court won’t halt execution

The U.S. Supreme Court this afternoon refused to halt the execution of condemned murderer Michael Morales, shooting down the 46-year-old’s last chance to escape a death planned for 12:01 a.m. Tuesday at San Quentin State Prison.

Justice Anthony Kennedy reviewed Morales’ case and sent it to the full court, which denied the prisoner’s final appeal at 6:29 p.m. EST, a U.S. Supreme Court spokesman said.

None of the justices commented further in the decision.

The ruling came after the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco on Sunday denied his request to put off his death by lethal injection. The Ninth Circuit ruled that an anesthesiologist who will be in the death chamber to monitor Morales’ consciousness — as ordered last week by a lower court — can and will ensure he feels no pain when the drugs seeking to paralyze him and stop his heart begin to flow.

The Victim, Terri Lynn Winchell:

Hear Terri’s Voice here.

The Scene of the Terri Lynn Winchell’s murder:

The San Francisco Chronicle’s account of the case: LOVE TRIANGLE GONE VICIOUS


The young brother of Terri Lynn Winchell asking for justice:

Brian Chalk, brother of murder victim Terri Lynn Winchell, and his brothers plan to witness the execution of Michael Morales.

The United States Supreme Court has denied Morale’s last judicial appeal. But, Kenneth Starr, the Dean of the Pepperdine School of Law, Malibu, has again filed a clemency request for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

With his execution just hours away, one of Morales’ attorneys, former Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr, pleaded for California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant clemency.

Schwarzenegger has already denied clemency to Morales, and it is not unusual for inmates to ask again as their execution looms. Starr, as in his first petition for clemency, noted that the trial judge in Morales’ case had urged Schwarzenegger to show mercy.

Starr said that the 13 times in which that happened in California’s history, the presiding governor granted a reprieve.

“Overriding such opinions,” Starr wrote, “is not only tantamount to thumbing one’s nose at the well-reasoned decision of the trial judge, it shows what will reasonably be viewed as disrespect for our system of government and our respective roles in that great and enduring system.”

A Schwarzenegger spokesman said the governor would respond soon.

Well, it looks ike the “BIG JAB” for Morales at midnight – barring a last minute grant of clemency by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Flap handicaps Schwarzenegger thumbs his nose at Dean Kenneth Starr and former Ventura County Judge Charles McGrath.

Judge Charles R. McGrath says death sentence was based on false testimony from a jailhouse informant

No Clemency.

Justice for Terri Lynn Winchell!


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