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Cox & Forkum: Toonophobia

Cox & Forkum: Toonophobia

Christopher Hitchens: Cartoon Debate: The case for mocking religion – [T]here is a strong case for saying that the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, and those who have reprinted its efforts out of solidarity, are affirming the right to criticize not merely Islam but religion in general. And the Bush administration has no business at all expressing an opinion on that. If it is to say anything, it is constitutionally obliged to uphold the right and no more. …

Christopher Hitchens: Stand up for Denmark! Why are we not defending our ally? (via Michelle Malkin)

In the name of parody, we’ve taken quite a few liberties with other people’s cartoons. To give credit where credit is due … The cartoon above features four of the original Danish Mohammed cartoons published in Jyllands-Posten. The artists are (left to right): Claus Seidel, Rasmus Sand Høyer, Peder Bundgaard, and KW. For all the Danish Mohammed cartoons, see Mohammed

The cartoon pigs are (left to right): Olivia by Ian Falconer, Miss Piggy by Jim Henson, Porky Pig by Warner Bros., and

Freedom of Expression is too important for anyone to intimidate or bluster it away. And the United States has an obligation to guarantee this freedom to its people at home and abroad.

If Flap wants to criticise religion or be criticised for his religious beliefs then so be it. Our freedoms are what the American Founders promised and we will hold our government responsible to protect these freedoms.

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