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John McCain Watch: McCain LIES in South Carolina Flyer


Washington Post: McCain’s Negative Flyer

To date the leading candidates for president have largely avoided any direct confrontations with one another, believing — perhaps rightly — that any sort of major scuffle will leave both sides damaged in the eyes of voters.

But, behind the scenes an all-out war of information (and misinformation) is going on as each campaign seeks to ensure that reporters, activists and other political hangers-on are made aware of each and every negative article, misstatement or controversial policy position made or advocated by their opponents.

While most of these attacks fly below The Fix’s radar screen we managed to get our hands on a flyer that was handed out last Friday night at a gathering of the Charleston (S.C.) County Republican Party.

The flyer is here.


The McCain campaign paid for the flyer and confirmed its authenticity.

Flap has not seen such fabrications, distortions, and LIES on candidates’s positions EVER in a Presidential campaign.

I have seen such antics in college campus campaigns and for California GOP office.

But, in a Presidential race?

So, what does this mean?

Senator McCain will do whatever it takes to win, including intentionally misrepresenting his opponents views.

Senator McCain is disingenuous and a LIAR.

Senator McCain is DISQUALIFIED from the Presidency.



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