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Rudy Giuliani Watch: Rudy 28% Thompson 19% McCain 18% Romney 7% in Latest USA Today/Gallup Poll


The USA TODAY/Gallup Poll

Sen. Fred Thompson surges into tie with John McCain for second in GOP contest

Giuliani leads the field at 28%, down 4 points from two weeks earlier. Thompson is second at 19%, up 8 points. McCain is at 18%, 1 point lower. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is fourth at 7%, down 5 points.

“It’s a long campaign and it’s only June, and these polls are going to move around,” says Terry Nelson, McCain’s campaign manager. “There’s a lot of campaign for folks still to have and still a lot of issues to be debated.” Most Republicans aren’t firmly settled on any contender, he says.
He predicts that Thompson will get “a bump” when he formally announces his candidacy, likely next month.

Although Thompson’s lead over McCain isn’t wide enough to be statistically significant, it underscores the political problems plaguing the Arizona senator. Six months ago, he was tied with Giuliani at the top of the field.

The next benchmark: fundraising reports for the second quarter of the year, due next month. McCain lagged behind Romney and Giuliani in money raised during the first quarter.
When Thompson’s supporters were asked their second choice, 34% picked Giuliani; 16%, Romney; and 14%, McCain.



Head to Head: Rudy vs. Thompson

If the GOP contest came down to Giuliani or Thompson, Republicans and Republican-leaning independents chose Giuliani, 53%-41%.


The latest Real Clear Politics Poll Average is:


A good poll for Rudy.

As McCain and Romney fade Giuliani continues as the FRONT RUNNER with a DOUBLE DIGIT LEAD.

The race for the GOP nomination is becoming a two person race although Flap expects Romney to continue into 2008. McCain will probably drop out after Labor Day, particularly if his fundraising continues to dry up.


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