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California’s Congressional Districts

North Carolina appears to be changing their electoral college Presidential selection system just in time for the 2008 election.

And who is spurring this change?

Why the Democrats……

North Carolina appears headed to becoming the third state in the nation to abandon the winner-take-all method for awarding its electoral votes as the House tentatively agreed Thursday to shelve the method.

In its place, according to the measure approved on a largely party-line vote, would be a more proportional method that would reward the presidential candidate who receives the most votes in each of the state’s congressional districts.

The Senate already has passed the meaure, which would take effect in 2008. A final House vote could come Friday, then the bill would go to Gov. Mike Easley, a Democrat, just like the majority in the Legislature, which has backed the change. The state Democratic Party also supports it.

Republicans called the change a cheap way to give Democrats, who have been shut out in North Carolina since 1980, some electoral votes.

What a wonderful idea.

Flap says the GOP should begin the process of change in California and New York.


You say that would give the GOP an advantage.


Republicans in the California Legislature should have proposed this Democrat solution years ago.  Oh Arnold……….

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2 Responses to “North Carolina Ready to Change Electoral College Presidential Selection Rules for 2008”
  1. This does seem like a shady attempt from the democrats, but I gotta say that it is the way that makes more sense. If all the states did it this way, everything would be more fair across the board…

  2. Flap says:

    You are correct and the GOP would have the advantage in the West Coast and Eastern States where they have been locked out from any electoral votes since Reagan.

    The transformation would begin first in states but could swing back with each change of legislature and Governor.

    Perhaps a constitutional amendment is in order?

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