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Ron Paul Watch: Paul Campaign Solicitation on Neo-Nazi Hate Site – The FLAP Part Two


This FLAP continues over at Hot Air.

And Allah has some questions:

1. Is it possible to do some sort of ad buy across a whole swath of online bulletin boards such that any mention of Ron Paul on one of those boards will automatically trigger placement of the ad? If so, it would absolve the November 5th people from the charge of deliberately advertising on Stormfront.

2. If it is possible, is it also possible to designate certain bulletin boards as no-go areas where the ad shouldn’t appear, even if Paul is mentioned? That would point back towards deliberation, which, let’s face it, isn’t all that unlikely from a site predisposed to “V for Vendetta” metaphors.

Flap doesn’t know the answer because since the original Flap the widget and ad have changed. Look at the latest on



Is the Ron Paul campaign involved?

This e-mail from a Flapsblog commenter Gregor has been forwarded to them:



It was brought to my attention through a blog post that the “Ron Paul 2008 – Raising to Win” online widget appears on the Stormfront web site.

Stormfront is:

“a white pride Internet forum with the motto “White Pride World Wide”. Many organizations describe it as a neo-Nazi organization, and accuse it of promoting racism, hate speech, and violence.

The blog post in question asserted that the Ron Paul campaign “placed” the ad on the site. Myself and others did not believe this was credible, given the type of site that it is, and learned that it’s a campaign widget that anyone can copy and paste on their web site. According to its statistics, the widget appears on over 2000 sites currently.So a couple questions:1) Is the Ron Paul campaign aware of and tracking all the sites that this widget is placed on? Do you actively filter which sites may or may not display the ad?
2) What is the campaign’s policy towards hate sites (such as Stormfront) advertising for Ron Paul’s campaign?
3) Will the campaign repudiate Stormfront and ask them to remove the ad?The blog post I referred to above can be found at: you for your time,
Gregor Morrill


Well, the widget has changed and now there is a disclaimer on the November 5 site.

*note: This event is a grassroots effort and is not associated with the Official Ron Paul campaign. Donations are to be made ONLY at the Official Ron Paul website at

At whose direction was this done, anyone knows. Was it the Ron Paul campaign? Or was it the Stormfront folks who wanted to diffuse the flap?

Who knows?

Accordingly, Flap’s original post headline was changed.

So, what is the Flap here?

Is it that Ron Paul is sucking up to the Neo-Nazis to raise campaign cash?

Or is it as a commenter at Hot Air ( Keljeck on October 23, 2007 at 10:18 AM) asks:

The story isn’t that there is a Ron Paul ad on Stormfront, it’s that Stormfront is ghey to Ron Paul.

Flap awaits the Ron Paul campaign’s response.


The Lone Star Times has already asked the same questions of the Ron Paul Campaign days ago and is continuing to wait for an answer.

And there are ads on other sites: ‘White World News”



Will the Ron Paul Campaign continue to stonewall?

Update #2

Almost two weeks ago Stormfront Radio endorsed Ron Paul:


Now, what say you Ron Paul Campaign? Do you support this reprehensible organization?

Will you demand take down your ads?

Or is the money too good?

Stay tuned…….


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  • Flap

    Quite a discussion about this flap at Ron Paul forums here.

    Start at page 6 or so.

    Looks like some Paulites are not to pleased with the link to They say that it may persuade independent undecided voters to not support Ron Paul.


  • Savannah

    Actually, it looks like some RP supporters over there has the right idea:

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Voltaire

    You don’t like the beliefs of Stormfront people, but you want to try deny their right to support a candidate, and you want to tell Paul who he has a right to accept money from. Who’s the fascist?

  • Flap

    You have it wrong.

    Ron Paul and the Stormfront,org folks can do what they want.

    But, I have the RIGHT to call Ron Paul out and ask him if he subscribes to these Neo-Nazi beliefs and wants to associate with White Supremacists. And say that this Anti-Semetic crap is reprehensible.

    At least Ron Paul should have the COJONES to say he agrees and not hide behind some anonymous supporters or staffers who populate his bulletin board.

    If Ron Paul wants to be associated with a “HATE” site, this is his choice. His campaign has been e-mailed twice.

    All I hear are crickets.

    Ron Paul needs to stand up. How about it?

    • Savannah

      If Ron Paul and Stormfront people have the right to do whatever they want, then they are not required to answer to YOU or anybody else.

      If you want to know if Paul subscribes to Neo-Nazi beliefs, he has a 50-year career as a doctor and congressman which you can peruse. What has he said in the past? What is he saying now? What has he said in Congress? Is there any real evidence showing that Dr. Paul is a racist or a Nazi? Has he written anything with regard to racism and his views on it? (Yes, he has.) Has he spoken of working alongside minorities, and even suggested a black man as his running mate? (Yes, he has.) He has written EXTENSIVELY on any number of topics. Do some research, and provide some real evidence that Paul is anything like what you are accusing him of.

      Ron Paul never associated himself with any hate site. Stormfront associated itself with him. And if Paul’s past character and integrity are any indication, he will never come out and do what you want him to do. Because he understands that it is a BASIC tenet of a FREE country for people to hold differing viewpoints and opinions. You would turn America into a fascist state. But, thank God, you’re not running for President.

    • Gregor Morrill

      Who sent the second email? We all know you didn’t.

      FYI: Justine Lam (eCampaign Director) did reply to my email. She’s also having Jesse Benton (Communications Director) or Don Rasmussen (position unknown) follow up with me.

      I’ll blog it when I hear from them.

  • Alex

    I am glad that many have called this baiter out for what he is really trying to do: engage in a witchunt. It is ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that Ron Paul is not endoring the racial view of Stormfront…but many Stormfronters like the idea of returning to Constitutional ideals and non-interventionism as much or more that his liberal and moderate supporters (of all races, mind you).
    Before you go ranting and waging a witchhunt, maybe you should read WHY Stromfronters like Ron Paul (and you will realize that most of them are far from your Hollywood caricature “Nazis” or even “White Supremacists”— a phrase meaning people who want to rule over or dominate nonWhites inside their nation— when you read it for yourself). Since folks like this witchhunting dentist want to demand explanations, why don’t you explain why you think you can dictate what fellow Americans can believe in and support? What is you agenda, Mr. Dentist (please be specific, rather than using loaded or vague language)?

  • Dostoyevski

    I am a member of the Stormfront forum. I don’t preach hatred. I oppose those who do. I preach the Love of God according to Christ. You should visit the forum before making your generalized statements. There may be some extremists, but most of the posters there are American Patriots who believe: that the Constitution is the most important document of Western Civilization (second only to the Bible); that the “Major-Media” is biased against the Caucasion race; and that freedom is our greatest asset–freedom of association, freedom of belief, freedom from tyrannical government, etc. We love our country and we love our race. And we demand the rights protected by the Constitution–not just for us–but for all Americans.