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Romney leaves Presidential race

Guess his wife was tired of spending all of their cash on senseless ads and a cadre of syncophants. Note that he will suspend his campaign and not withdraw. And, no Mitt, you are NOT Ronald Reagan.

McCain campaign TV Ad Trust: Mitt Romney was against Ronald Reagan before he was for him.

Why is Mitt Romney sticking around the GOP Presidential race? Romney faces very long odds in securing the nomination.

Mitt Romney, who prides himself on “wallowing in the data” before making tough decisions, now confronts an unforgiving mathematical landscape of delegate counts, polls, and popular vote tallies that suggest the odds are overwhelmingly against his presidential bid.

With 499 total delegates up for grabs through March 4, Romney would have to win more than 80 percent of them to catch McCain, assuming the Arizona senator won none. And, even if Huckabee won them all, he would still trail McCain. Dividing the total among the three candidates makes over taking the front-runner more difficult still.

While Romney hopes to do well in several of the states voting over the next month, his chances of drawing even with McCain appear slim because the vast majority of the delegates will be awarded in states without winner-take-all contests, forcing the candidates to split their winnings. In addition, moderate Republican electorates in some of the states also appear to favor McCain.

So, why is Romney sticking around?

Believe it or not, Romney fancies himself as Ronald Reagan in 1976. Hugh Hewitt channels the spin absurdity.

If Romney wants to waste his money and that of his remaining donors chasing an impossible dream or to set himself up for a later run while sabotaging GOP prospects this Fall, then his image of a do anything and say anything to get himself elected pol will be reinforced. Sort of self-defeating, wouldn’t one say?

For someone who has never been a conservative partisan you sure know how to pay for garner their support.


4 Responses to “Why is Mitt Romney Not Withdrawing from the GOP Presidential Race?”
  1. Dennis says:

    I don’t who is the bigger ass: Romney for staying in the race of Hewitt comparing Romney to Reagan.

    One thing is for certain–Romney and Hewitt belong together.

  2. Aaron says:

    well looks like it should be a lovely kick ass race this time…we get a fairly liberal or a socialist…i guess ill vote for mccain (seems unstoppable right now for nomination) but, not too sure where this country is going these days…my tax bill went up government doubled and rights are being whittled away pretty much on a daily basis…hell that is with a “conservative” in office and republican majority at the time…

  3. Dan says:

    I think McCain is an intelligent man and very loyal to his beliefs. He seems reasonable and easy to work with others. I am a democrat, McCain would not be my first choice for the 2008 election, but I wouldn’t be upset if he was elected.

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