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Iran President Ahmadinejad to Visit New York for United Nations General Assembly


Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is reportedly planning to visit New York again this Fall for the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

Remember last year’s visit?

Iran and the Mullahs who pull President Ahmadinejad’s strings just love to screw with the United States -especially at Presidential election time.

Flap wonders if Barack Obama will agree to meet with Ahamdinejad – you know without preconditions?

10 thoughts on “Iran President Ahmadinejad to Visit New York for United Nations General Assembly

  1. Iran is evil. It will wage jihad war on US as usual trying to bring whole Islam world against US. Iran never regret on what they do. They will use religion as propaganda. Very coward act. Should US use religion too? If yes, it will be ugly too.

  2. Matt, you should learn the meaning of the word “there”, as opposed to “their”, before you call someone ignorant. Especially if the person you are referring to as “ignorant” was the president of the Harvard Law Review.

  3. WAKE UP PEOPLE…this man is evil he would look at you face to face smile and stab you in the back…maybe even stab you face to face as he is smiling at you his stupid country treats women worst than they treat their cows…they do not value womens input they can kill their women with no impunity…please say no to this jerks visit to our country his thugs are waiting for his signal to attack us again…PLEASE PEOPLE SAY NO TO THIS JERK…

  4. @vava
    That Ahmadinejad is a weird man , I have no doubt about it, specialy to his own people. But don’t forget that Iran is a very importand land with a very rich culture and realy good people, it seems that you know nothing about Iran. Don’t call Iran a stupid land. Search and study more about this country, about his ancient culture, literatuur, etc… specialy about the realationship between Iran and US before 1979. It’s not that difficult.

  5. why u people so much concerned about Ahmedi Nijad’s visit.. is he the only one to attend UN session, presidents of all the countries in the world r coming to attend the session.. he isn’t coming to conquer USA… O americans, dont lose confidence… it looks like u r facing inferiority comlex….

  6. My opinion about Mehmood Ahmedi is that in the Muslim country Iran got a first person who can talk about rights for the Muslims . and he was the only one who attend the UN conve . dont scare from him . He came to states 4 peace…….. i love him

  7. @Rey–I know he has stayed at the InterContinental before…wonder where he will be this year?

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