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John McCain Watch: Obama Trashed Flags Rescued by McCain – Palin


John McCain supporters wave flags that were allegedly found at the site of Barack Obama’s nomination acceptance address, September 6, 2008

This story cannot be good for the Democrats, especially in the battleground state of Colorado.

Democrats are not caring for their Stars and Stripes. At least that’s the message out of John McCain’s campaign.

McCain supporters, claiming they rescued 12,000 miniature American flags from the site of Barack Obama’s nomination acceptance speech last Thursday, redistributed the orphan flags to audience members ahead of a McCain campaign rally in Colorado Springs Saturday.

They say the flags were recovered from Invesco Field in Denver after the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention. A vendor supposedly discovered trash bags full of flags in and nearby dumpsters, and turned them over to the McCain campaign.

The original story coming out of Denver about the discarded flags is here.

Fox News is now reporting that a response from the Democrat Party implies that the flags were stolen or misappropriated by the GOP.


The Obama rally flags which were heading to the garbage?

Stay tuned as this story grows legs.

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  • J Johnson

    Oh please, talk about a non-story. The flags were clearly on there way somewhere, and someone screwed up. I seriously doubt the Democratic party intentionally discarded the flags on the conventions site. Get real.

  • McGehee

    The Dems could easily quash the story if they didn’t throw their flags away, because they’d know where they went.

    Failing that, and unless someone can show the Republicans bought the flags they’re saying they rescued, the claim the Dems were throwing them away is the most credible explanation.

  • ck

    I’ve seen other pics today showing flags in trash bags with other garbage and I thought the dems were “Green” quess not. I also saw lots of plastic bottles in the trash.