Joe Lieberman,  Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Called Obama “Sambo” and HIllary a “Bitch”


Remember the Joe Lieberman Black-Face Flap?

The latest smear against Sarah Palin is reminiscent of Left-Wing Jane Hamsher’s smear of Joe Lieberman in 2006.

Tons of readers are sending the latest, most pathetic smear against Gov. Sarah Palin.

It is laughable beyond belief.

One “Charley James” accuses Palin of exclaiming the following after Obama defeated Hillary:

“So Sambo beat the bitch!”

Read the entire “investigative report” here, which comes off like a really, really bad Onion parody.

A laughable, unsubstantiated claim but one that has to be answered as bull shit.

And, there will be many claims which will continue to come until election day.

Remember it was the LEFT that smeared Joe Lieberman in 2006. Remember it well.

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  • sassinfras

    finally i gree with you. charley james is most probably a redneck with two heads who goes around at night with a bedsheet lighting up crosses. i think it was fair for the left to attack joe lieberman for betraying al gore with the fraudulant recount or no count of the florida election which made g.w.bush the president..the good thing about mccain and obama is they both are decent men who hopefully will run a campain on policies and leave out the personal attacks. if mccain was running against hillary well thats another matter, she has proven the depth she will sink to.

  • Jon

    I don’t doubt that Palin thinks these things, or that she would say these things to a close friend, but out in public? I’m very suspicious. If it were true she’d lose some points in my view.


    I believe Gov. Palin, Sen. McCain and their campaign know what’s going on. Gov. Palin is a professional and so far has displayed professionalism. I am not the least bit concerned. She’s a BIG girl and can, as she has demonstrated so far, pretty much deal with whatever comes her way; and do so in a a very affective way. WHAT A WOMAN!

  • forestal

    Interesting…this Charles fellow lives in Canada, says he’s a “deranged ex-pat.” Must have moved up there after Kerry lost in ’04! He claims to be a former journalist, now doing “investigative work.” Interesting…that’s why for such controversial claims he uses anonymous sources. Brilliant. Obama’s smear machine runs on nothing but pure fabrications and lies.

  • david maryla

    Here’s something this pathological character, Charley James, said just last week in “reporting” on the Convention:

    “Watching John McCain hug Sarah Palin yesterday was almost creepy: It was like seeing an old man not fit to be president copping a feel off a woman roughly half his age who’s not fit to be vice president. Eerily, it happened a few days after McCain turned 72 and the day before Michael Jackson turned 50.”

  • earthenjars

    If the campaign can refute it, then they must. There’s a burden of proof on the McCain campaign now that Palin is not a bigot.

    P.S. It is entirely plausible that at a small-town diner in Alaska, a white woman would use the slur and not be shut down but encouraged. I’ve witnessed it myself in small towns in several states…

  • Kevin


    Sorry bud, that’s not how it works. There’s a burden of proof on the accuser, not on the accused. She’s not guilty until proven innocent.

    I know it may be hard for your fragile, elitist psyche to comprehend but not everyone who lives in a small town is a bigot. But just like a libtard to want proof that something that never happened did not occur.

  • Babsy

    Well, Kevin, Mary Mapes still insists her papers on GWB being AWOL from the Alabama ANG have NOT been proven false. Sassinfras, McCain on his worst day ever will be at least forty orders of magnitude better than the ‘Messiah’. The ‘Messiah’ is nothing but sleaze personified in an expensive empty suit.

  • McGehee

    I’ve witnessed it myself in small towns in several states…

    Which ones? When? Were any of the speakers married to persons of mixed race as Palin is?

    That’s how the burden of proof works, ‘jars.

  • goyazone


    I’ve personally watched you drown puppies (these things do happen in small towns, you know). I have no pictures, I’m not saying when and where this happened, and I’m disinclined to share the names of the 72 corroborative witnesses that saw what I saw…burden of proof that you’re not a dirty, low-down puppy killer is on you, now…

    If you’re going to think foolish things like this, do yourself a favor and try not to immortalize it in a public forum.

  • john

    Last night I was listening to jazz on my car radio in the Chicago area when I heard the DJ (who spoke with an African American accent) state that Gov. Palin had called Sen. Obama a “Sambo.” The DJ spoke like it was true and told his audience that it was true and to go to a web site to “check it out.” Only the very gullible would give credence to this. However, there are a lot of very gullible people out there who don’t know that a cite to some unknown blog is not reliable authority. Because I was driving, I could not write down the name of the DJ and the station number. I think but do not know that the likely audience for the station was largely African American. Joseph Goebbels would be astonished by these people and their methods.

  • SanMaz

    “these people” and “their methods” ??
    says the group that has been spreading the rumor that Obama is a muslim and not a christian?
    How about the Fox news reporter who called a “fist bump” a “terrorist fist bump” (i didn’t know that my son and I who fist bump all the time, were terrorists)
    BOTH sides play this game. It’s not good for America – and both sides should be honest that they BOTH do it.

  • Sandy

    I support Obama, but I’m skeptical that this is true. I won’t believe it until someone credible says it is so. I can’t support someone so uneducated as Palin for the VP position, but I don’t believe everything about her that I hear, like some repubs believe Obama is Muslim and keep referring to him as Hussein. This stuff is getting ridiculous.

  • earthenjars


    We’re not talking about criminal law here, we’re talking about the public perception of our elected representatives. If I wanted to really take a crack at influencing public opinion about a politician, I’d go into politics. If I wanted innocent until proven guilty, I’d practice law.

    The goal in circulating language of this kind is to shake people out of a comfy, contented “i don’t really trust politicians, but they know best” mindset. The apathy and indifference I’ve been hearing regarding the presidential candidates is the real crime; and, though I rarely propagate anything I don’t believe 100%, I thought this was incendiary enough to get some dialogue going.

    The claim about a direct quote from Palin is far more ethical, (to john, who cited Goebbels and violated blog courtesy by calling someone a Nazi) because it CAN be sourced, verified, and checked out, than the “accidental” use of language in the mass media that paints Obama as a Marxist, Muslim, or worse in the minds of the masses.

    When I hear people from my hometown use terms like “sand-n*****s” and “chimps”, I know that a lot of people need a little waking up. So I said that Palin is a bigot; that’s no worse than how I feel about people I went to high school with. I’m still hoping to hear otherwise from the people Palin went to high school with…

    And, for the record, I’m about as far away from harboring partisan sentiments as anyone I know. My political stance is that party politics is bankrupt, and both ends of the political spectrum, lib and con, should take a long look at themselves. If the platform for a representative included ideas that the gold standard should be re-established, the federal government should do little more than serve as a State department, and stay out of health, education, and the free market, then I would be as passionate about politics as I think every American should.

    If anyone REALLY cared about what I said on YouTube, (possibly the lowest common denominator of public discourse I know) they would check facts and read up on our current candidates for the most important public office in our nation, instead of bandying partisan quips and watching televised news. So go ahead and kill the messenger. Just as long as people are THINKING about what’s going on, I’m the happier.

  • pookie

    It is truly Pathetic, to observe modern mind’s using archaic behaviors and ignorant tactics to convince people that we are winning a war when we are losing our own economy. I feel sorry for adults who cannot walk in their parents footsteps.
    We need to embrace reality and look beyond our self hatred, if we do not; our children will not be “Americans” with a dream anymore but, they will be washing and sweeping the floors of everyone we have professed to have freed!
    Remember: “Greed and Ignorance breeds Grief”!!
    Our political mudslinging is what children do to get their way basically, to cover up the truth of their own wrong-doings, lies or, insecurities.
    So, Grow up America before we fall completely apart!!!