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Sarah Palin Watch: Conan O’Brien Tells Crude Joke About Bristol Palin

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Conan O’Brien on NBC’s Late Night

Flap has never cared for Conan O’Brien’s humor which ranges from stupid to moronic. Here he crosses the line and shows his Lefty bias with a personal attack on a seventeen year old girl whose mother just happens to be a conservative Republican candidate for Vice President.

Now, this would not have anything to do with NBC News propensity to be Left-Wing or the fact that O’Brien is a Democrat, now would it?

Talk about transparency.

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  • Kat

    Conan is a democrat, but that doesn’t mean anything. He makes fun of everyone, as do other Late Night talk show hosts. He has made fun of former President Clinton, Hilary Clinton, John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer, Barack Obama, and many other democrats. Thats his job, to make us laugh about current events. You just don’t like Conan personally, which is ok, u are entitled to ur own opinion, but be fair. U can’t accuse him of making fun of republicans, just because he is a democrat. And also, he has a team of writers, who help him write jokes, its not just him.

  • Ling

    You know, I kinda feel bad for the Obama campaign and the lefties deperately trying to bring down Palin. Just read that Obama himself is now going after Palin. Everytime they try, like these crude jokes and nutty remours, it only serves to enhance Palin’s rep some more, and keep her at the top on every news cycle. Continue like this for a couple more weeks, and Obama will be down 5 points.

  • bristol

    You people are getting too worked up over nothing more than a joke. Everyone running for office is the butt of countless jokes. If you think that the media is biased towards liberals, take one look at the propaganda that the FOX network displays every day and you’ll soon re-think your opinion.

    Conan O’Brien is a comedian who has a comedy show. If you’re taking his comments seriously, then you need to lighten up. Learn to laugh and your lives will cease being so damn dramatic. The real criminals here are all the neo-conservative folks on FAUX News, because they don’t admit that they are a comedy show. They are passing off their hateful lies, rumors, insults, and propaganda as “news facts” and that is insulting to the American population.

  • Flap

    Are you kidding me?

    Take about faux news look at MSNBC, a division of NBC News and their trash. NBC recently demoted Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann because of bias.

    Conan O’Brien should be ashamed of himself.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the majority on here is crazy and obviously going for Mccain. You don’t find it RUDE that the McCain party called Obama Britney Spears and Paris Hilton? You guys are hypocritical. Conan is a comedian, he makes jokes about everyone. Have you ever watched O’Reily?!! He brings on guests and doesn’t even let them respond. He just uses them as human punching bags.

  • John McSame

    Wow, the majority on here is crazy and obviously going for Mccain. You don’t find it RUDE that the McCain party called Obama Britney Spears and Paris Hilton? You guys are hypocritical. Conan is a comedian, he makes jokes about everyone. Have you ever watched O’Reily?!! He brings on guests and doesn’t even let them respond. He just uses them as human punching bags.

  • bkap

    it’s people like you (fllap) who don’t deserve to watch conan..u take life to conan would say ‘keep cool my babies. keep cool’

  • Meses

    Oh heck, isn’t there enough comedy material inherent in politics without dragging candidates’ children into it? Kids should be off limits, period.

  • conebone69

    Every conservative person I know takes everything too seriously. Conan is a comedian. Even after the Bristol jokes, Conan commented and acknowledged that they were harsh jokes, nonetheless they were funny, the crowd laughed, as did many others watching from home (myself included). Everyone needs to “keep cool”. Comedians pick at people who present good material, Palin’s daughter being an example. When Obama’s daughter kept talking uncontrollably at the Democratic convention, Conan made multiple jokes on it. First republicans need to accept that their VP candidate’s teenage daughter got pregnant. Of course there will be jokes on that, get with life.

  • Plaf

    Your opinion is your own, and just that. Saying O’Brien isn’t funny doesn’t prove a thing, especially that he isn’t funny. You don’t even address the counter arguments, though, when other posters come on here and say, He makes fun of everyone. Because he’s made fun of your little Republican, you get all offensive. Pathetic and strategical.

    You can keep calling him moronic, but Conan did graduate from Harvard. And I believe he was towards the top of his class. Because you don’t like his humor, doesn’t mean it’s dumb.

    I’m sure Conan plots out how to personally attack a 17 year old girl. It’s not a personal attack, it’s a political joke. If she’s old enough to have sex and get pregnant, than she’s old enough to be a joke. I am sure she’s heard more crude and spiteful things in her high school from simply being in high school.

    And so what if NBC is leftist. Fox is right-winged. Stop pretending that only one TV Channel has an overall political slant. You weaken your post by acknowledging your own bias. Your inability to look beyond party lines only fractures your thinking even more. .

  • bkap

    true, he may be a lefty moron, im canadian so i really dont im guessing, to all u republicans, conan’s material would only be considered funny if he was a republican making fun of the democratic party. does that make sense?? like if he was makin fun of obama then you’d laugh ur ass off, but since he made fun of palin…he just crossed the line!!!..a line that doesnt exist if he was to make fun of the democratic party?? but since he did make fun of palin, nbc sucks, conan this how all republican’s think in america???

  • Flap

    The sad part is that Conan O’Brien and his friends on the entertainment left do NOT do equal opportunity comedy.

    There have been a number of observations that the late night folks: Letterman, Leno and Kimmel stay away from Obama comedy because of the “race” problem.

    I’ll just stay away……

    Here is the link of one such observation:

  • bkap

    yea, well as the article said..obama does not have a buffoon like characteristic like bush, there’s nothing funny about the way he is, his age, his intelligence, his charismatic personality, and way he speaks….but yea, one thing that comedians could possibly talk about is his race, and so ur saying that comedians should make racial jokes about obama??? im sure u’r aware of what happens if they did make any racial jokes…right?? like u cant expect comedians to cross that line, conan or any other comedian would not want to end up like michael richards! i noticed u put a quote around “race” as in ur saying it no big deal, there’s no real race problem with obama, well, why dont u put a video up on utube with a racial joke with obama being the punch line…see what type responses you get…conan, would get the same type of responses and he would put his career on stake. as the article said, writer’s a waiting for an oppertunity to make a joke bout obama. but so far obama hasn’t given them the opportunity. just keep cool, when the oppertunity comes they (Comedians) will strike on obama…
    as i see it now, the problem is not that conan picked on palin’s dautgher it’s more that he does not pick on a result ur falsely accusing a comedian of not being funny, and that he should not even be on air, cuz he does not make jokes about obama

  • Flap

    First, before you comment again read my terms of use.

    You are twisting my comments about the piece I linked.

    Watch O’Brien if you want. Hell, I don’t care but I have better things to do with my time.

  • bkap

    hahaha…im sorry i violated ur terms of use, not sure how though??
    how did i twist ur link??
    i would like to say many things bout the third line, but then i’ll be violating ur terms of use, so i’ll leave it to myself.

  • Jan

    January 9th on Friday night, I got up not feeling well and I turned on the TV. I was flipping through the channels when I heard Bristol’s name. I stopped to find out what this time was being said and by who. It was on the Conan O’Brien Show which I never watch because of his garbage views. I was appauld by him and a prop out in the audience talking about Bristol in such a filthy way. I could only think how furious O’Brien himself would feel if someone said these horrible things about his daughter. The FCC should have some regulations against anyone speaking about children in such a vile manner. Conan O’Brien is as bad as the rapist or child molester out preying on children. NBC must be pretty threatened by the Palin family to continue using filth and call it entertainment comedy. I wonder what would happen if Conservative television did this to Malia and Sasha. No one can tell me that Obama is not a part of this behind the scenes. He says his children are off limits but, other’s children is prey for the taking. The worst thing about Obama is the type of people he attracts. I have heard nothing but millions of sleezy garbage coming from those who support him even the so called professionals. In the end this will come back to bite him. People are turning against him by the groves because they see what he really stands for. Did anyone really ever believed anything he said? If you did, you are a fool and this is a prime example of what he really stands for. I am outraged about NBC, MSNBC, and CNN for promoting this type of media and I hope they go under big time and they deserve it.

  • Jan

    I have chosen to block the TV stations that put filth on like Conan O’Brien, Keith Olbermann, Chiris Mathews, Rachal Maddows, Letterman, The View, and many others. We don’t have to support them. We have got to show them this is not acceptable. There is such thing as respect of people and they have none. Writing them doesn’t do any good. They don’t care. If they did, they wouldn’t even allow or hire filth like these people. Block them until it hurts financially. The bottom line can reap good results. If enough people do this, actors, comedians, and opinionators will wake up and realize we will not support them or where they work. Let them hurt awhile and you will see a different attitude.