Hannah-Beth Jackson,  Tony Strickland

Tony Strickland Again Extends Vote Lead in California State Senate Race


Former California Assembly Members Tony Strickland and Hannah-Beth Jackson candidates for California State Senate District 19

Ventura County elections has updated their totals today for the California State Senate District 19 race. Santa Barbara and Los Angeles County as of 2 PM Friday have not updated today.

According to Flap’s math Republican Tony Strickland has extended his lead to 2,027 votes versus 1,560 votes Wednesday.

Tony Strickland pulled ahead of Hannah-Beth Jackson by almost 500 more votes on Friday, giving him a lead of 2,027 in the race for California’s 19th District State Senate seat.

Ventura County officials counted another 8,933 ballots on Thursday and Friday, bringing the countywide total to 303,669 ballots. That leaves about 10 percent of the vote still uncounted. The remaining ballots are either absentee ballots there were turned in on Election Day, or provisional ballots.

The raw figures:

Santa Barbara County:

  • Hannah-Beth Jackson: 69,829
  • Tony Strickland: 56,522

Los Angeles County:

  • Hannah-Beth Jackson: 11,322
  • Tony Strickland: 15,356

Ventura County:

  • Hannah-Beth Jackson: 107,783
  • Tony Strickland: 119,083

Flap is reticent to call this election because of the pending recount. But if Flap were Tony Strickland I would not be losing too much sleep over this race.

Stay tuned….

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  • Christopher Grant

    It is a shame that we allowed a man like tony strickland to win…This is a said, said day for California, What has happond to California?