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Tony Strickland Extends Lead in California State Senate Race – The Fat Lady Sings


Former California Assembly Members Tony Strickland and Hannah-Beth Jackson candidates for California State Senate District 19

Ventura County has updated its vote totals yesterday whereas Santa Barbara County and Los Angeles County Elections  did not for the California State Senate District 19 race.

Republican Tony Strickland inched ahead of Democrat Hannah-Beth Jackson by an additional 70 votes in the latest round of ballot-counting, leaving Strickland with a lead of 2,258 votes Monday.

The two candidates for the 19th state Senate District seat have been neck-and-neck since election night, although Strickland has pulled ahead gradually as more late absentee and provisional ballots are counted. He now has 50.3 percent of the vote to Jackson’s 49.7 percent.

On Monday afternoon, the County of Ventura released the results of 14,934 more ballots, bringing the total counted to 318,603. That means that about 95 percent of the ballots cast in the Nov. 4 election have been counted, according to county Elections Division estimates of how many votes were cast in the county.

The votes left to count are absentee ballots that were turned in on Election Day, or provisional ballots. Both take longer than standard ballots to count because they have to be checked against the voter rolls.

According to Flap’s math Republican Tony Strickland has extended his lead to 2,211 votes versus 1,560 votes last Wednesday.

The raw figures:

Santa Barbara County:

  • Hannah-Beth Jackson: 70,098
  • Tony Strickland: 56,744

Los Angeles County:

  • Hannah-Beth Jackson: 11,611
  • Tony Strickland: 15,806

Ventura County:

  • Hannah-Beth Jackson: 112,771
  • Tony Strickland: 124,141

As Flap said before, this race is over and Tony Strickland has been elected. There will be a recount but Hannah-Beth Jackson would need a miracle to pull off a win.

But, stay tuned for more ballot counts as they are released.

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