4 thoughts on “Twitter Vs Blog Comments – Yes or NO?

  1. I agree with you. Twitter limits you to 140 characters, including spaces. Comments don’t limit you like that. Hugh should keep both, and so should you!

  2. My take: Hugh was getting his clocked clean by liberals and paleocons in his Townhall comments boxes. He especially got a lot of grief over his poor predictive abilities (“Romney rising”, etc.). As one of the resident paleocons there, I regularly took on Hugh and his supporters. Liberals and paleocons did so well there, in fact, I had to publicly credit Hewitt for allowing such spirited debate in his comments boxes, even when it did not go well for him or for the neoconservative cause generally. I wondered how long it would go on, however. Now I have my answer.

    Twitter? What a dumbed-down waste of space.

  3. @3

    Agreed to a point. Hugh’s blog has been lagging for some years now and he never has been active in his own comment threads.

    His main bread and butter is his radio show with its concomitant advertising revenue and Twitter seems to be a better fit to communicate with his radio audience.

    Twitter has its uses but not for blog comments.

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