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Ron Paul – Why GOP Online Efforts May Fall Flat

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Congressman Ron Paul, R-Texas

The buzz preceding today’s Republican National Committe Chariman debate base has been increasing technology and internet based efforts.

But, will the GOP be able to successfully incorprate a successful strategy with Ron Paul in the mix?

Here’s a mark of the continuing energy behind Ron Paul, and the parallel lack thereof among other Republican Party structures, particularly online: the Digg-style website set up by Americans for Tax Reform for its Republican National Committee Chairman debate tomorrow has been entirely taken over by Paul supporters.

Flap supports a balanced strategy and no draconian change in the party apparatus. It wasn’t the internet that hurt the party brand and caused electoral losses.

The internet ALONE will not lead the Republican Party back to electoral success. And, Ron Paul is a symptom of foolish extremism that is but a minor diversion which will fade.

Watch the RNC Chairman debate live here.

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