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Poll Watch: 11 Per Cent Say United States Should Apologize to Iran

ahmadinejad feb 1 2009

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad flashes the victory sign as he waits for a meeting with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in Tehran, February 1, 2009

American voters ask: Apologize to Iran for what?

Just 11% of U.S. voters think America should apologize to Iran for “crimes” against the Islamic country – one of the prerequisites demanded by the Iranian president before he will agree to meet with President Barack Obama.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 73% oppose such an apology.

Obama in an interview last week with al-Arabiya, a 24-hour Arabic language satellite network, offered to end nearly 30 years of bad relations with Iran if the Middle Eastern nation is ready to “unclench its fist.” Ahmadinejad responded by demanding an apology for U.S. “crimes” against Iran and calling for major changes in U.S. policies toward his country.

Other interesting results of the poll:

  • 52 per cent of American votes view Iran as an ENEMY of the United States.
  • 56 per cent believe Iran should be required to stop developing its nuclear weapons capabilities before a meeting is allowed between the presidents of the two countries – a precondition.
  • 36 per cent believe relations between the two countries will get worse over the coming year, while 33% think they will get better.
  • 77 per cent of American voters say Iran’s nuclear program is for weapons development.

Now what was President Obama saying about meeting and schmoozing the Iranians?

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One thought on “Poll Watch: 11 Per Cent Say United States Should Apologize to Iran

  1. the USA should apologizes for overthrowing[operation ajax] a democratic government in iran in the 1950s, and installing the right wing dictator[the shah of iran]who was responsible for countless crimes.
    the USA should apologizes for supporting iraqs saddam huissen 10 year war with iran which killed approx. 1 million people. these were the days when saddam was a US ally doing americas dirty work in the middle east until he fell out of favour when he invaded kuwait. as long as saddam gassed iranians the US didn’t give a dam how many of his countrymen he murdered, the US even supplied him with weapons and intel.
    the US should apologize for false propoganda making iran a threat to the world sercurity when realality iran is of no threat at all, never has and never will be.
    52% of americians think iran is a enemy of the US because thats what their been fed for the last 30 years without any solid evidence.
    56% believe in the false propoganda about irans WMD.
    36% are right to believe relations will sour. as long as israel controls US middle east policies relations will never get better. when are you guys going to learn that american soldiers are dying for israel and not america-eg. iraq war
    77% who believe that B.S have been ill informed. all you have to do is read the IAEA report to see iran is co operating fully and there is no evidence just assumptions [orignating from israel]of nukes being made.
    maybe the mad mullas should thank america for if the US didn’t kill democracy in iran in the 1950s they would never have taken over the country

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