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Over 1,000 Boisterous Protesters Attend Ventura County California Tax Day Tea Party

Over 1,000 people gathered at noon and protested during Ventura County Tax Day Tea Party at the Ventura Government Center.

Here is Catherine Saillant’s, a reporter with the Los Angeles times, piece about the protest.

In Ventura, more than 1,000 people gathered under blue skies to vent wide-ranging concerns, from over-taxation and government spending to condemnation of a recent Homeland Security report tracking a rise in violence among right-wing groups.

Holding signs such as “Abolish the Federal Reserve,” and “We are Obummed Out, Stop Spending, No More Taxes,” the crowd was in a celebratory mood, loudly applauding each speaker and cheering as a small plane droned overhead pulling a banner that said “I’m Tea’d Off!!”

In an interesting note: I had not seen Catherine since 1994 or so when she used to interview me when I was an active participant in Ventura County GOP politics as an officeholder and candidate. I always found her to be a fair and balanced reporter.

The Photos:

Tea Party April 15 2009 051

There were two groups of Tea Party attendees – one at the government center listening to speakers and the second on Victoria Avenue carrying their signs and soliciting honks from the passing motorists.

Tea Party April 15 2009 064
Tea Party April 15 2009 060
Tea Party April 15 2009 081
Tea Party April 15 2009 076
Tea Party April 15 2009 018
Tea Party April 15 2009 091
Tea Party April 15 2009 080
Tea Party April 15 2009 100

California Republican Assembly Candidate Jeff Gorell talking with Camarillo, California GOP City Councilman Mike Morgan

Tea Party April 15 2009 109
Jeff Gorell addressing the Tea Party Protest throng
Tea Party April 15 2009 111
Flap’s Twitter friend @erickbrockway
Tea Party April 15 2009 057
Twitter friend @pir8gold sporting her #TCOT Top Conservatives on Twitter T- Shirt
Tea Party April 15 2009 023

All of Flap’s photos from the event are here.  All are subject to the Creative Commons License on Flickr, all rights reserved.

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  • Christopher J. Grant

    Too bad all those people received an Obama Tax cut.

    Moreover, they also saw their tax’s increase under Bush. I do my own taxes thanks to classes I took at SBCC. Under Bush/ Gallegly Tax policy, I say my taxes increate from 2000 – 2008, while my income was stagnate or decreased. Under Obama, I now pay a tax rate that is better suited to my income and can now pay to attend more college classes.

    In addition, has anyone looked up “Tea Bad” and the other meaning?
    Are you Serious in calling in “Tea Bagging”?
    What a bunch of anti Americans
    All the places you protested you so called or fake tax increases where created by taxes paid?

  • Flap

    If you believe that 95 % tax cut lie of Obama, I have a bridge to sell you.


    What we don’t have a right to protest government policies, especially burdensome taxes and government overspending?

    How Anti-American is that?

  • Liz

    Awesome people, love your coverage. Some way clever Americans out there, time for the normal people to take our country back from the Obama administration and Obama-congress and Obama-media extremists! Watch the vid clip of rabid CNN reporter woman attacking normal citizens trying to hold a peaceful Tea-party.

  • Blammo

    Mr. Grant-
    Why yes, many of those people did receive their $8-13 a week tax cut. In my case, it was offset by the salary cut I took a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, their kids are going to inherit a 20 trillion dollar national debt that will destry the nation’s GDP.

    The only ones calling it “Tea Bagging” are the Obama Rah-Rahs in the MSM and people such as yourself.

    BTW- What the hell does “All the places you protested you so called or fake tax increases where created by taxes paid” mean anyway?

    But Hey! Good luck with those college courses.

  • Flap

    A Los Angeles Times reporter made the count as you can read above and it was well over 1,000. I was there and I do not live in a trailer park, dude.