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Day By Day by Chris Muir April 16, 2009 – UnPlugged

day by day 041609

Day By Day by Chris Muir

President Obama will want Texas Governor Rick Perry’s help in controlling the major Mexico drug cartel problems that have spread throught the United States. But, Perry made it clear that the federal government should NOT interfere with the state’s rights of Texas.

Now, the secession talk is political theater and cannot be taken seriously. However, Americans must remember that the United States is a union of 50 individual states – each with their own laws.

Just a little history lesson.

And, Texas can form four states?


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  • Dentist

    Give to the federal gov’t what is rightful its and to Texas what its due. The Constitution recognizes rights of states yet places this under the umbrella of the protection of the statutes of the federal government. I agree that secession is not an issue, but I also want to forward that we need bipartisan cooperation and mutual respect to achieve both the state and the federal governments’ agenda.