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CA-Sen: Will Anti-Israel Voting Record Sink Tom Campbell?

Jennifer Rubin over at Commentary makes the case.

Tom Campbell, who has zipped into the lead in early polls, is quite another story. During his time in the House, Campbell was one of the few Republicans with a consistent anti-Israel voting record. In 1999, he introduced an amendment to cut foreign aid to Israel. This amendment, titled the Campbell Amendment, was defeated overwhelmingly on the House floor by a vote of 13-414. In 1999, Campbell was one of just 24 House members to vote against a resolution expressing congressional opposition to the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state. In 1997, Rep. Tom Campbell authored an amendment (also titled the Campbell Amendment) to cut foreign aid to Israel. The resolution failed 9-32 in committee. In 1990, Campbell was one of just 34 House members to vote against a resolution expressing support for Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.  The resolution passed the House 378-34. But Campbell has taken positions on more than just aid that have raised concerns about his views on Israel. As the Los Angeles Times reported in 2000, Campbell, in his losing race against Dianne Feinstein, “told numerous crowds–including Jewish groups–that he believes Palestinians are entitled to a homeland and that Jerusalem can be the capital of more than one nation.”

Watch for Carly Fiorina to emphasize her foreign policy differences with Campbell in the coming weeks.

And, where has Tom Campbell been the past few weeks? Besides having his internet flacks like Mindy Finn and Patrick Ruffini shilling for him on Twitter, he was a no show at the Republican Women’s Conference this past weekend (Fiorina and DeVore both addressed the group) and a no show over at Glenn Beck’s Show on Fox yesterday (both appeared).

One of these days, Tom is going to have to address the fact that he is actually in a race – or is that his strategy – HIDE from his liberal positions and hope name identification carries his candidacy?

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