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Day By Day August 21, 2010 – Grease

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Talk about a disconnect with reality, Speaker Pelosi, look at the latest on the Ground Zero Mosque.

Steve Emerson has unearthed 13 hours of audio tape of Imam Rauf. Emerson and his team of investigators has spent the past four weeks going through the newly found material. Rauf  is a “radical extremist cleric who cloaks himself in sheep’s clothing.”

Among the shocking revelations Emerson’s team will reveal next week — they found Rauf:

  •     Defending wahhabism – a puritanical version of Islam that governs Saudi Arabia
  •     Calling for the elimination of Israel by claiming a one-nation state, meaning no more Jewish State.
  •     Defending Bin Laden’s violence
  •     Demonstrating that there is a lot more to this man than merely a cleric.

And, this is the cleric that the PRESIDENT supports for religious freedom and who Speaker Pelosi wants to investigate opponents thereof?

Ridiculous, no?

Why didn’t John McCain make an issue of Obama’s former Pastor Jeremiah Wright during the 2008 campaign and spared America this embarassment?


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