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Bill Clinton Begs Democrats to Back Obama-GOP Tax Cut Deal – Obama Leaves for Christmas Party

President Obama voting “PRESENT” again.
Bill Clinton implored Democrats to back the tax-cut deal that President Barack Obama negotiated with Republicans as the former president made a surprise appearance at Obama’s side in the White House briefing room Friday.

“I don’t believe there is a better deal out there,” Clinton told reporters who’d been summoned at a moment’s notice to see the former chief executive back the current one. Clinton and Obama had just finished a private meeting in the Oval Office.

Obama said it was a “terrific meeting” and then turned the podium over to Clinton.

The voluble former president took it away, and Obama left part-way through his remarks, saying he had holiday parties to attend.

“Both sides are going to have to eat some things they don’t like,” Clinton told reporters. “We don’t want to slip back into a recession. We’ve got to keep this thing going and accelerate its pace. I think this is the best available option.”

Sheesh, now Obama is bringing in Bubba to do the triangulation for him.

I am increasingly skeptical of this Bush-Era Tax cut deal with President Obama.

When Harry Reid starts to add the pork over the weekend to the deal “framework,” the GOP should say thanks but no thanks.

The Republicans who gain control of the House and more Senate seats in January should vote to extend unemployment benefits for a short period of time (maybe three months) and vote for the continuing resolution to keep the government operating.

The Senate Republicans should then filibuster/block the rest of the lameduck seesion, knowing a better outcome will come with the new year.