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Oregon CD-01 Poll Watch: Rob Cornilles (R) 41% Vs. Rep David Wu (D) 33%

Democrat Oregon Congressman David Wu

According to the latest Survey USA poll.

Republicans in in Oregon’s 1st Congressional District by 4:1 say Democratic U.S. Congressman David Wu should resign, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for KATU-2 News in Portland. Democrats by 2:1 say Wu should remain in office. Independents split. When the 3 groups are combined, the overall consensus in the District is: 46% resign, 42% stay in office.

By 3:2, voters in the district say the public has a right to know about Wu’s mental Health (Republicans 4:1 in favor of disclosure, Independents 3:2 in favor of disclosure). Democrats by 4:3 say Wu has a right to privacy.

A majority of Republicans and a plurality of Independents say Wu has not been forthcoming enough about his mental health. A majority of Democrats say Wu has disclosed “just the right amount” about his illness.

The district is divided on whether additional disclosure by Wu would help or make no difference to others who may be similarly afflicted.

In a do-over today of the November 2010 general election in which Wu defeated Republican Rob Cornilles by 13 points, Cornilles today edges Wu 4:3.

Survey of 605 registered voters from Oregon 1st congressional district was conducted 03/04/11 through 03/06/11 using a mixed-mode methodology.

With the local Oregon press calling for Wu’s resignation, I don’t think he will survive into another term.

But, will he resign willingly?