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Flap’s Links and Comments for March 14th through March 15th

These are my links for March 14th through March 15th:

  • LA Marathon: Nutrition – Tips from Jeff Galloway – Tips from Jeff
    Pre Race Dietary Countdown
    1. Don't try anything new.
    2. Go through the same schedule and foods that worked for you in training.
    3. If you hear sloshing in your stomach, you don't have to drink for the next 30 minutes.
    24 hours and before: Normal balanced meals. Plenty of liquids all day long, especialy electrolyte fluids (I drink Accelerade). Before marathons you can eat extra carbohydrates.
    18 hours before race: Start eating small meals, every 2-3 hours. Keep drinking fluids. After lunch, cut out red meat, fried foods, dairy products, fats, nuts, and roughage.
    12 hours before race: Don't overeat. Only light, digestible foods like energy bars, bread, small sandwiches, which you've tried before long runs and races. Keep drinking water and electrolyte fluids. Avoid salty foods.
    4 hours and less: Water mostly, with some electrolyte fluid, in small, regular amounts. Cold water is absorbed quicker. I recommend 6 oz. every hour, 8 oz. on hot days. If you want Vitamin C, take it two hours or more before the race.
    During race: Drink a cup at every water station – especially the early ones, unless you hear the sound of water sloshing in your stomach.
    Recent research has shown that consuming a snack that is 80% carbohydrate and 20% protein helps deliver energy to the muscle during exercise and restocks the energy stores afterwards. I use the products "Accelerde" during exercise and "R4" afterwards.


    Read it all

  • Arizona-style “E-Verify” Mandate in Trouble? – At Volokh Conspiracy, Stewart Baker notes that the “E-Verify” program,” which “electronically checks to make sure a … newly hired employee’s name matches his social security number, is one of the few interior immigration enforcement measures that works, does so humanely, and has significant bipartisan support.” Expanding E-Verify is one of the likelier areas of immigration legislation in the current Congressional session.  And three states have mandated E-Verify for all businesses (see map).

    But those state mandates are in trouble in the Supreme Court–which is another way of saying they are in trouble with swing Justice Anthony Kennedy, according to Baker:


    Read all of the piece.

    Congress should pass legislation making it clear that E-Verify can be mandated by the states.

    I am not worried like a resurgence of the DREAM Act in the legislation, like Mickey.

    But, an Obama veto is likely. But, then again, so is an override in an election year.

  • President 2012: Haley Barbour Spokesman Steps Down After Making Japan Joke – The press secretary for Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a potential GOP presidential candidate, has resigned following off-color jokes he made in an e-mail Friday, Barbour’s office said Monday.
    Dan Turner compiled morning roundups for Barbour’s staff and “allies,” and Friday’s e-mail made light of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan and poked fun at former Attorney General Janet Reno, Politico reported Monday.
    Under the section that noted historic events that fell on March 11, Turner wrote that in 1968, “Otis Redding posthumously received a gold record for his single, ‘(Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay’. (Not a big hit in Japan right now.)”
    He also wrote: “In 1993: Janet Reno was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate to become the first female attorney general. (It took longer to confirm her gender than to confirm her law license.)”
    It was not the first time that Turner made such jokes in the morning e-mail, Politico reported.
    The former journalist was a communications director and district representative for Rep. Jim McCrery (R-La.), who did not run for re-election in 2008. Turner was named Barbour’s press secretary in December 2008.


    Guess this guy failed Communications 101.