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    The Morning Flap: February 16, 2012

    Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney

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    Flap’s Links and Comments for July 21st on 10:33

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    • PPIC Report: Unauthorized Immigrants in California – Estimates for Counties – California has more unauthorized immigrants than any other state, about 2.6 million of the nation’s 11
      million; they make up 7 percent of the total California population and 9 percent of the state’s labor force. For
      decades, unauthorized immigrants have been a part of California: in many industries in the economy and in
      rural and urban communities.
      But recent and comprehensive information about the numbers and location of this population within
      California—at the county and sub-county level—does not exist. That this wide information gap exists is
      doubly surprising given the amount of energy spent and attention paid to this issue by policymakers and the
      public over those same decades.
      This report is the first to use a new source of administrative data at the local level to produce comprehensive
      and systematic sub-state estimates of the unauthorized immigrant population in California.
      We find that unauthorized immigrants live in every county in the state, primarily but not only in highly
      agricultural or highly urban areas. As in the country as a whole, unauthorized workers here reside not just in
      traditional immigrant communities, but have found homes throughout all regions of the state.


      Read it all

    • PPIC Illegal Immigration Report by Hans Johnson and Laura Hill – Despite a recent decline, the number of illegal immigrants in the United
      States remains high, and illegal immigration remains one of the most
      divisive issues in the nation. Illegal immigrants make up about 28 percent
      of all foreign-born U.S. residents and slightly less than 4 percent of the
      nation’s total population. The vast majority of immigrants in California are
      legal residents. But as the state with the most illegal immigrants, California
      has a critical stake in how well this issue is understood. The purpose of
      this At Issue is to provide basic information on illegal immigration and the
      debate surrounding it. Because illegal immigrants are not directly identified in censuses and national surveys, the information provided here is
      based on the best available estimates. These estimates are consistent
      across sources and are regarded by research experts as the most accurate available.
    • New studies find California’s illegal immigrant population shrinking – Using the new methodology, Hill and Johnson pegged the state's illegal population at 2.9 million in 2008 (it's since declined slightly) and did a region-by-region breakdown. While Los Angeles County, the state's largest with nearly 10 million people, also has the state's largest number of illegal immigrants, nearly a million, several rural counties have larger illegal proportions.

      Monterey and San Benito counties have the highest concentration at 13.5 percent, the research determined, with Imperial County at 12.8 percent, Napa County at 12 percent and Santa Clara County at 10.2 percent all in double-digits. The smallest illegal populations, proportionately, are in remote mountain counties.


      Read it all

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    Flap’s Links and Comments for July 15th on 13:33

    These are my links for July 15th from 13:33 to 13:51:

    • California Dream Act sent to Governor Jerry Brown – AB 130 and AB 131: California Dream Act of 2011
      Assemblyman Gil Cedillo

      The state senate passed and sent to Gov. Brown the first of two Dream Act bills by Assemblyman Cedillo allowing some undocumented college students to apply for private scholarships at California’s state colleges and universities.

      None of this money comes from the state budget; it’s from private donors who establish scholarships administered through UC, Cal State and community colleges.  To be eligible, students will have to meet the requirements for paying in-state tuition under AB 540, a 2001 law that applies to any student, citizen or not, who attended a California high school for at least three years and graduated or earned a GED.

      The bill passed by a vote of 26 to 11 along party lines, with one exception.  Republican State Senator Anthony Cannella voted with the majority.  In a prepared statement, Cannella said, “Having an educated workforce will be critical to the future strength and health of our economy, and giving eligible high-school graduates the opportunity to apply for private scholarship funds – at no cost to California taxpayers – is consistent with this goal.”

      It may also help that his district, which covers Merced, Monterey and Salinas, is more than 55 percent Latino. It also has more registered Democrats than Republicans.

      Cedillo’s companion bill, AB 131, faces a tougher road.  That one would let AB 540 students apply for state financial aid through the CalGrants program.  AB 131 was placed on the senate appropriations committee suspense file and won’t be considered until late August.

      Status:  On the Governor’s desk.  Gov. Brown hasn’t said whether he’ll sign AB 130, however, his spokesman says the Governor “continues to support the principles behind the Dream Act and will closely consider legislation that reaches his desk.”


      Open borders mentality is bankrupting California.

    • State GOP chairman assails redistricting panel, threatens referendum – On the day when the Citizens Redistricting Commission had originally planned to put out a second draft of proposed political district maps, the panel Thursday found itself under sharp partisan attack from the state Republican Party, whose chairman asserted its process had been "overtaken by partisanship and incompetence."

      GOP Chairman Tom Del Beccaro said the party will attempt to qualify a referendum for the ballot to overturn the commission's final maps if they "remotely resemble the most recent visualizations."

      Rather than formally release a second set of draft maps, commissioners have been working daily with their line-drawers to revise initial drafts in response to public comments. The modified maps, called "visualizations," are posted on the commission's website and will be the building blocks for the final plan, scheduled to be voted upon on July 28.

      Commissioner Angelo Ancheta of San Francisco, who is serving as chairman this week under the panel's rotating schedule of leadership, rejected Del Beccaro's assertion that partisan considerations are influencing the map-making process.


      Read it all.

      The reapportionment will end up in the California Supreme Court anyway.

      The California Citizen's Redistricting Commission is a colossal waste of time.

      The law should be changed to allow the California Supreme Court to do it directly.

    • State Senate OKs bill to move California’s presidential primary to June – Californians won't choose their 2012 presidential nominees until June under legislation that's heading to Gov. Jerry Brown's desk.

      Assembly Bill 80, by Democratic Assemblyman Paul Fong, would move the presidential primary from February of next year to June, consolidating it with the statewide primary election. The bill was approved by the state Senate on a vote of 34-3.

      Supporters said consolidating the two statewide elections would save state and local officials roughly $100 million. They also pointed out that national political parties have moved to impose sanctions on states that hold their primaries as early in the cycle as California had planned.

      "This is a bill where we're putting politics to the side. … We have to be fiscally prudent with the taxpayers' dollars," said Sen. Kevin DeLeón, D-Los Angeles, who presented the bill on the floor.

      The move was largely opposed by Republicans who said moving the date so late in the cycle would put Californian voters and issues on the back burner for candidates competing for their party's nomination, though some said they "reluctantly" decided to vote for the measure because of the cost savings involved. They said they would prefer to consolidate the primaries to one March date, a concession Republicans had sought during early budget negotiations.


      In 2008, it was decided by California anyway. Might as well move it back to June.

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    Flap’s Links and Comments for May 17th on 15:55

    These are my links for May 17th from 15:55 to 15:58:

    • Nearly 20 percent of new Obamacare waivers are gourmet restaurants, nightclubs, fancy hotels in Nancy Pelosi’s district – Of the 204 new Obamacare waivers President Barack Obama’s administration approved in April, 38 are for fancy eateries, hip nightclubs and decadent hotels in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s Northern California district.

      That’s in addition to the 27 new waivers for health care or drug companies and the 31 new union waivers Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services approved.

      Pelosi’s district secured almost 20 percent of the latest issuance of waivers nationwide, and the companies that won them didn’t have much in common with companies throughout the rest of the country that have received Obamacare waivers.

      Other common waiver recipients were labor union chapters, large corporations, financial firms and local governments. But Pelosi’s district’s waivers are the first major examples of luxurious, gourmet restaurants and hotels getting a year-long pass from Obamacare.


      Read it all

      Good ol' Democrats gaming the system with corrupt practices – shocker.

    • University Insiders: Illegal Immigrants Get Affirmative Action – This week, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley signed a bill to require the state's public universities to give undocumented aliens — generally illegal — in-state tuition privileges.

      The bill, known as the Dream Act, is already the law in ten other states, including California, New York, Texas and Illinois.

      But critics argue that the bill will give illegal aliens better treatment than Americans and legal immigrants — thanks to existing diversity policies at universities.

      University of Maryland (College Park) computer science Prof. James Purtilo told FoxNews.com that, during his time as an associate dean, he frequently saw admission officers favor students because of their “undocumented” status.

      "They favor students with special circumstances. 'Undocumented alien' would be one of these special circumstances… They help fill out the diversity picture for the admissions office."


      Read it all.

      In state tuition and admissions preferences paid for by American citizens and legal permanent residents.


      You bet.

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    Flap’s Links and Comments for May 6th on 07:41

    These are my links for May 6th from 07:41 to 07:50:

    • Republicans and Immigration – The Stupid Party – The standard line among the high-immigration right (earnestly, if insincerely, seconded by their fellow-travelers on the left) is that Republican opposition to open immigration is driving otherwise-conservative immigrant (and/or Hispanic) voters into the arms of the Democratic party. Some new research suggests it’s actually the other way around. Far from Republican anti-immigration views pushing immigrants further toward the Democrats, it’s immigrant anti-Republican views that push Republicans further toward restriction.


      Read it all.

      Clueless and Stupid are indeed the words to use about the GOP and illegal immigration.

    • Charge of the Latino Brigade – Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result: A few days ago I wondered whether President Obama, faced with knowledge that his immigrant legalization plan now has no chance of passing, would

      a) recognize that [his] political strategy for winning Latino votes has hit a dead end; or b) organize another White House conference!

      We now know the answer. … I’m searching for the right metaphor for the absurd political strategy Obama is pursuing. Is it performance art? Camusian heroism? Pickett’s Charge? The Charge of the Light Brigade? He’s asking Latino leaders and voters to join him for one more futile straightahead push, knowing that it’s futile and knowing they know it’s futile. And he expects them to reward him for it. …

      True, it’s not Obama’s fault that amnesty is dead. The way to get amnesty (as Lawrence O’Donnell once pointed out to me) has been clear for years: gain support for legalizing the current wave of illegal immigrants by demonstrating that you can and will prevent the next wave of illegal immigrants. The reason Latino leaders won’t take this deal is equally obvious: they don’t want to prevent the next wave of illegal immigrants–at least of Latino illegal immigrants. If they did, they’d have their amnesty by now.


      Race-based politics at its worst – color me cynical that there will ever be another immigration bill.

      There might be E-Verify but not soon.

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    Flap’s Links and Comments for May 5th on 14:00

    These are my links for May 5th from 14:00 to 14:17:

    • California Bill allowing college aid for illegal immigrants passes Assembly – The Assembly passed legislation Thursday to allow illegal immigrants to receive college scholarships, setting the stage for new fighting over an explosive social issue whose prospects were buoyed last year by the election of Gov. Jerry Brown.

      The Assembly approved the first of two "Dream Act" bills, Assembly Bill 130, which would allow a small segment of undocumented immigrants who currently qualify for in-state tuition to apply for scholarships from private donations. Majority Democrats passed the bill on a 51-21 party-line vote.

      Assemblyman Gilbert Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, proposed both AB 130 and a pending companion measure — Assembly Bill 131 — that would open the financial aid door even wider by allowing those illegal immigrants to qualify for Cal Grants and other publicly funded aid.

      "We cannot afford, our economy cannot afford, to deny educational opportunities to anyone who has the strength of character, the personal discipline, the intelligence, to make it" through California's college or university system," Cedillo said in a statement.

      Cedillo's bills would apply to students who have attended a California high school for three years or more, graduated from a high school or attained an equivalent degree — and, if they are illegal immigrants, commit to legalizing their status if given the chance.

      The group targeted by AB 130 represent only a tiny fraction of college enrollment — 1,941 at the University of California, 3,633 at California State University and 38,202 at community colleges. Of those totals, illegal immigrants comprise about 32 percent of UC's figure and an unknown but perhaps higher percentage of those from state and community colleges, according to a legislative analysis of AB 130.


      Of course, California has a massive budget deficit but the Democrats want to reward their constituency for their political support.

      The taxpayers be damned.

      It doesn't matter if you are in this country legally or not, California will help you get the subsidized college education.

      How much of an illegal immigrant magnet is this?

    • “Getting to Denmark” – By Mark Steyn – The Muslim world is certainly “getting to Denmark.” It’s also getting to the Netherlands, to Austria, to France, and beyond. In Scandinavia and in other advanced Western societies, the state grows ever bolder in constraining freedom of expression and other core Western liberties. In the interests of enforcing the state religion of a hollow and delusional “multiculturalism,” basic tenets of Fukuyama’s “rule of law” — including due process, the truth as defense, and equality before the law — are tossed aside in the multiculti version of heresy trials. As recent decisions in Michigan suggest, America is not immune to this trend.


      Read it all.

      Hope we don't go the way of Denmark

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    Flap’s Links and Comments for March 14th through March 15th

    These are my links for March 14th through March 15th:

    • LA Marathon: Nutrition – Tips from Jeff Galloway – Tips from Jeff
      Pre Race Dietary Countdown
      1. Don't try anything new.
      2. Go through the same schedule and foods that worked for you in training.
      3. If you hear sloshing in your stomach, you don't have to drink for the next 30 minutes.
      24 hours and before: Normal balanced meals. Plenty of liquids all day long, especialy electrolyte fluids (I drink Accelerade). Before marathons you can eat extra carbohydrates.
      18 hours before race: Start eating small meals, every 2-3 hours. Keep drinking fluids. After lunch, cut out red meat, fried foods, dairy products, fats, nuts, and roughage.
      12 hours before race: Don't overeat. Only light, digestible foods like energy bars, bread, small sandwiches, which you've tried before long runs and races. Keep drinking water and electrolyte fluids. Avoid salty foods.
      4 hours and less: Water mostly, with some electrolyte fluid, in small, regular amounts. Cold water is absorbed quicker. I recommend 6 oz. every hour, 8 oz. on hot days. If you want Vitamin C, take it two hours or more before the race.
      During race: Drink a cup at every water station – especially the early ones, unless you hear the sound of water sloshing in your stomach.
      Recent research has shown that consuming a snack that is 80% carbohydrate and 20% protein helps deliver energy to the muscle during exercise and restocks the energy stores afterwards. I use the products "Accelerde" during exercise and "R4" afterwards.


      Read it all

    • Arizona-style “E-Verify” Mandate in Trouble? – At Volokh Conspiracy, Stewart Baker notes that the “E-Verify” program,” which “electronically checks to make sure a … newly hired employee’s name matches his social security number, is one of the few interior immigration enforcement measures that works, does so humanely, and has significant bipartisan support.” Expanding E-Verify is one of the likelier areas of immigration legislation in the current Congressional session.  And three states have mandated E-Verify for all businesses (see map).

      But those state mandates are in trouble in the Supreme Court–which is another way of saying they are in trouble with swing Justice Anthony Kennedy, according to Baker:


      Read all of the piece.

      Congress should pass legislation making it clear that E-Verify can be mandated by the states.

      I am not worried like a resurgence of the DREAM Act in the legislation, like Mickey.

      But, an Obama veto is likely. But, then again, so is an override in an election year.

    • President 2012: Haley Barbour Spokesman Steps Down After Making Japan Joke – The press secretary for Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a potential GOP presidential candidate, has resigned following off-color jokes he made in an e-mail Friday, Barbour’s office said Monday.
      Dan Turner compiled morning roundups for Barbour’s staff and “allies,” and Friday’s e-mail made light of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan and poked fun at former Attorney General Janet Reno, Politico reported Monday.
      Under the section that noted historic events that fell on March 11, Turner wrote that in 1968, “Otis Redding posthumously received a gold record for his single, ‘(Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay’. (Not a big hit in Japan right now.)”
      He also wrote: “In 1993: Janet Reno was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate to become the first female attorney general. (It took longer to confirm her gender than to confirm her law license.)”
      It was not the first time that Turner made such jokes in the morning e-mail, Politico reported.
      The former journalist was a communications director and district representative for Rep. Jim McCrery (R-La.), who did not run for re-election in 2008. Turner was named Barbour’s press secretary in December 2008.


      Guess this guy failed Communications 101.

  • California,  Census,  Illegal Immigration

    California Census 2010: Hispanics RULE

    Well, not really but you get the idea – they have surged in population growth in California.

    Latino children for the first time made up a majority of California’s under-18 population in 2010, as Hispanics grew to 37.6% of residents in the nation’s most populous state.

    A new U.S. Census report showed the state’s non-Hispanic white population fell 5.4% over the past decade, a continuing trend offset by a 27.8% surge in Hispanics and 30.9% increase in non-Hispanic Asians.

    Though in decline, white Californians remained the state’s largest demographic group at 40.1%. But demographers said Hispanics were poised to take the lead.

    Underlying the demographic shifts, California grew at its slowest pace in the past decade in more than a century. The population rose 10% to 37.3 million, an increase in line with the national average.

    As in California, Hispanics are gaining ground in many other states, such as North Carolina, as whites are on the verge of becoming a minority among all newborn children in the U.S.

    What does this mean for California politics when these Hispanic children mature and start to vote? Just as it is now for the very Blue Democratic California – TOUGH.

    Since past electoral history has shown a propensity for Hispanics and Latinos to vote anywhere from 60-75% for Democratic Party candidates, the GOP will be at a demographic disadvantage. There are, of course, districts both Congressional and Legislative where their population numbers will not have as great an impact. And, with redistricting by an impartial commission, the GOP will have a chance there.

    So, what happened and why did this growth of Hispanics occur?

    Easy- the illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America of the 1980’s to present had children born in the United States as middle-class whites either died or migrated out of the state to Nevada, Arizona or other states like Colorado.

    Mr. Frey said the decline of whites and blacks in the decade, as well as the slowdown of Hispanic growth, is partly attributable to more middle-class families leaving pricey California for more affordable places elsewhere. (…)

    “I think it’s a middle-class flight,” Mr. Frey said. “California is still very pricey, so to the extent people can get affordable housing they leave.”

    But, California is now a no-growth Democratic state which by the way heavily regulates business.

    Good luck with solving that California state budget shortfall.

    And, the Republicans? They will be a dwindling minority party like in New York, Massachusetts and Maryland.

  • Elton Gallegly,  Illegal Immigration

    House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement: “Making Immigration Work for American Minorities”

    Yesterday’s hearing, chaired by my Congressman Elton Gallegly proved partisan and combative with Democrats accusing Republicans of playing racial politics.

    A congressional hearing led by Rep. Elton Gallegly quickly turned partisan and combative on Tuesday, with Democrats accusing Republicans of trying to drive a wedge between African-Americans and Latinos over illegal immigration.

    Some lawmakers are trying “to pit black against brown” by essentially arguing that illegal immigration is the reason minority communities still struggle nearly 50 years after Martin Luther King Jr. led a landmark civil rights march on Washington, said Rep. John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat who was one of the founding members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

    “This is a very sensitive subject,” said Conyers, who called the idea of dividing minority groups “abhorrent and repulsive.”

    Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Los Angeles, charged that the hearing was an attempt to divert attention from the real causes of high unemployment among African-Americans.

    “We cannot afford to let people who have political agendas divide us,” she said.

    Gallegly, who called the hearing as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement, disputed the assertion it was part of a divide-and-conquer strategy.

    “I think it’s shameful,” the Simi Valley Republican said of the Democrats’ accusations. “I hope we’ll bring a little more civility to hearings in the future.”

    You can read a more complete summary of the hearing here.

    I am glad to clue in Conyers and Waters, there is already a racial divide between Hispanics and African-Americans and it has nothing to do with illegal immigration. I know the Democrats need racial demographics in order to win elections, particularly statewide in California, but to bury their head in the sand about the impact of illegal aliens on society is just pathetic.

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    Flap’s Links and Comments for February 28th from 15:42 to 16:54

    These are my links for February 28th from 15:42 to 16:54:

    • Obama flies workout trainer out to D.C. often, increases carbon footprint – Washington may be the nation’s capital — and one of America’s fittest cities — but its trainers apparently don’t cut it for President Barack Obama, who frequently flies his personal fitness instructor from Chicago to D.C., reports the New York Times.

      Cited as the mastermind behind first lady Michelle Obama’s “famously toned arms,” trainer Cornell McClellan has managed the Obamas’ workout routines for more than a decade. The owner of Naturally Fit, a Chicago-based personal training and wellness center, McClellan spends part of his week in D.C. at the president’s request.

      “It was an easy sell for me, because I thought of it as kind of a duty, to serve the president,” McClellan said.

      McClellan usually works with the Obamas in early morning sessions at the White House gym. The first lady and president both attempt to work out for at least an hour each day, and Mr. McClellan says he typically sees them two to four times a week, depending on their other duties.


      Obama may be just a little hypocritical here?

      You betcha.

    • Is the U.S. Immigration Debate Going in the Right Direction? – New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, a Republican who became the state’s first Latina governor after the November elections, rescinded an executive order by former Gov. Bill Richardson that prohibited law enforcement officials from asking people about their immigration status for the sole purpose of determining if the individual had violated immigration laws. Opponents have likened the bill to Arizona’s SB1070 and claim the order will lead to racial profiling. Will other states follow suit and enact similar legislation? Is comprehensive immigration reform likely to be addressed this year and, if so, what would that consist of?


      Read it all

      There will be NO comprehensive immigration reform unless Obama is re-elected and the Democrats win 60 plus members of the U.S. Senate.

      This means there will be none in the foreseeable future.

    • Mark Steyn: STATES OF THE UNIONS – You don’t have to go to Athens to find “public servants” happy to take it out on the public. In Madison, politicized doctors provide fake sick notes for politicized teachers to skip class. In New York’s Christmas snowstorm, Sanitation Department plough drivers are unable to clear the streets, with fatal consequences for some residents. On the other hand, they did manage to clear the snow from outside the Staten Island home of Sanitation Dept head honcho John Doherty, while leaving all surrounding streets pristinely clogged. Three hundred Sanitation Department workers have salaries of over $100,000 per year. In retirement, you get a pension of 66 grand per annum plus excellent health benefits, all inflation proofed.

      That’s what “collective bargaining” is about: It enables unions rather than citizens to set the price of government. It is, thus, a direct assault on republican democracy, and it needs to be destroyed. Unlovely as they are, the Greek rioters and the snarling thugs of Madison are the logical end point of the advanced social democratic state: not an oppressed underclass, but a spoiled overclass, rioting in defense of its privileges and insisting on more subsidy, more benefits, more featherbedding, more government.

      Big Unions fund Big Government. The union slices off two per cent of the workers’ pay and sluices it to the Democratic Party, which uses it to grow government, which also grows unions, which thereby grows the number of two-per-cent contributions, which thereby grows the Democratic Party, which thereby grows government… Repeat until bankruptcy. Or bailout.

      In his pithiest maxim, John Maynard Keynes, the most influential economist of the 20th century social-democratic state and the patron saint of “stimulus”, offered a characteristically offhand dismissal of any obligation to the future: “In the long run we are all dead.” The Greek and Wisconsin bullies are Keynesians to a man: The mob is demanding the right to carry on suspending reality until they’re all dead. After that, who cares?

      If the new class war is between “public servants” and the rest of us, some countries no longer have enough of “the rest of us” even to put up a fight. That’s why you can’t wait to fight in the last ditch. The longer you wait to stand up against the “public service” unions, the less your chance of winning.


      Read it all

      There is a class war between public servants and the rest of the taxpaying public.

      Mark Steyn illuminates the conflict in this piece.

    • Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels Is Tough On Budgets : NPR’s Interview – n 2005 on his first day in office, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels signed an order ending collective bargaining with public employee unions. He said it freed him to turn over some state jobs to private contractors.

      Daniels was able to put his state’s finances in order just as other states headed for trouble. Now, that’s a big part of his reputation, and some Republicans are promoting him as a possible presidential candidate.

      Yet as he looks back on that budget-cutting moment with NPR’s Steve Inskeep, Daniels says that he also added government jobs in the child welfare system.

      Mitch Daniels is a former budget director to President Bush. He won re-election as governor at the same time Indiana was carried by President Obama. Currently, he’s pushing contentious conservative plans. Just last week, Democrats walked out of the Indiana state Legislature protesting a range of Daniels’ plans, including government vouchers for private schools.

      Read the full transcript of Steve Inskeep’s interview with Gov. Mitch Daniels below.


      Read it all