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President 2012 North Carolina GOP Poll Watch: Romney and Bachmann Co-Front Runners

According to the latest PPP Poll.

In North Carolina the numbers are very similar. There Romney leads Bachmann 23-22 with Rick Perry debuting at 14% and Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich at 9%, Ron Paul at 6%, Tim Pawlenty at 5%, and Jon Huntsman at 2% rounding out the field.

North Carolina’s a rare state where Bachmann actually edges out Romney with centrist voters, 23-21. But his 12 point lead with voters just right of center at 30-18 outweighs her 9 point advantage with far right voters at 26-17.

If you add Palin to the equation in North Carolina she finished 4th at 12% behind Romney at 18%, Bachmann at 17%, and Palin at 12%.

But, the real questions remain:

  • When will Texas Governor Rick Perry announce?
  • Will Sarah Palin run?

The poll is here.