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Day By Day March 8, 2012 – Material Women

Day By Day by Chris Muir

The entire Limbaugh – Fluke Flap may indeed come back and bite the President and Democrats in Congress in the ass.

Rush Limbaugh may lose some talk show radio sponsors and may gain others. Financially, Rush and the Premiere Radio Network will be fine.

However, American voters are now wondering why the Obama Administration is at war with the Catholic Church and may even ask what is in the ObamaCare Law (passed in the Congress with not one Republican vote) which has not fully taken effect.

The RIGHT will also be energized to “daylight” the hypocritical LEFT, like media personalities Bill Maher and Ed Shultz, and their propensity towards misogynist comments towards conservative women, like Sarah Palin and Laura Ingraham.

President Obama has had a problem in the past with independent women voters. The White House maybe wishes the genie did not come out of this Rush Limbaugh bottle.