CA-26,  Linda Parks

CA-26: Linda Parks Again Refuses to Say With Which Party She Will Caucus If Elected to Congress

Linda Parks TV CA 26: Linda Parks and Her Cable Television ONLY Campaign Strategy

Screenshot from Linda Park’s latest television ad

In a puff piece interview Timm Herdt tries to discover with whom Linda Park’s will align in the Congress – either Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi or Republican Speaker John Boehner. Parks previously refused to say with whom she would caucus and elect as Speaker.

In her campaign thus far, Parks has sought to straddle questions about her partisan leanings. Originally a Democrat, she changed her registration to Republican in 1996, then switched again to “no party preference” just before entering the race for Congress.

She has declined to say which party she would caucus with if elected, who would get her vote for speaker, and even which presidential candidate she will support in the fall.

“I might caucus with Republicans. I might caucus with Democrats. I might caucus with both. I might caucus with neither,” she said in her remarks at University Village. “I will have the ability to choose, based on the issue. What we have right now isn’t working.”

In other words, I don’t know, and won’t tell you until I am elected and then I will decide.

This will not play well with Ventura County voters.

Congress is a partisan place and Congressional voters base their vote on issues and ideology – not the political whims of a Democrat turned Republican turned No Party Preference POL.