Barack Obama,  President 2012

Obama Trying to Rekindle Hope and Change in Iowa?

I cannot help but laugh at Matt Drudge’s screencap of dry, dying Iowa corn in back of President Obama.

Today, it has been all Romney and his Vice Presidential running mate Paul Ryan. No Hope and Change exuberant crowds for the President as he embarks on a three day campaign tour of Iowa.

President Barack Obama often says Iowa holds a special place in his heart. Iowans in 2008 lifted him from underdog presidential hopeful to Democratic caucus winner, and gave him 54 percent of the vote in that year’s general election.

He began a three-day bus tour through the state today on less sure footing, with polls showing Iowa up for grabs in November. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney sent his newly-announced running mate, Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, to the Iowa State Fair today to try to steal some of Obama’s thunder.

The Obama campaign is not playing to big “Hope and Change” crowds.

Of course, Obama is not running against a lame duck unpopular President George W. Bush (Iraq War and Katrina, among a number of issues) and an “aged” POL in John McCain with an inexperienced Governor of Alaska as the VP.

But, where has the Obama campaign “magic” gone?

Down the drain with disastrous policy choices, unemployment above 8 per cent and a stagnant economy.

With the Romney choice of Ryan, there will be no negative (“stupid POL”) Sarah Palin demonization. Obama and Biden will have to run on their records of governance.

Good luck with that…..


  • Wilbur

    Will voters in Iowa don’t blame Obama for the weather?

    Or will they look at Paul Ryan’s budget proposal to cut 20 percent from farm and crop insurance subsidies (according to Cato) and say, as even lifelong Republicans have when looking at Romney, “meh”?