David Koch,  Julia Brownley,  Tony Strickland

CA-26: Julia Brownley Channels the Koch Brothers to Raise Funds

Julia Brownley for Congress e-mail donation request

I just received this in the ol’ e-mail box from Julia Brownley who is running for Congress here in Ventura County.

Democrat Brownley is using scare tactics of the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party Caucus (whatever that is) to scare the campaign cash dollars out of her supporters.

The Koch Brothers are rich and right-leaning businessmen who do contribute to campaigns – so what? Many businessmen do – right and left.

But, you see Julia, is a LEFT-WING Ideologue who thinks that Nancy Pelosi and George Soros are OK buddies, but businessmen like David Koch and the grass-roots Tea Party are evil.

Just say NO to Julia Brownley and her Santa Monica extremism.

I will vote for Republican Tony Strickland.