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Day By Day September 13, 2012 – The Flip Side

Day By Day cartoon for September 13, 2012

Day By Day by Chris Muir

The Obama Administration’s foreign policy has NO CLOTHES.

The fecklessness is so readily apparent.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) said Thursday that the attacks on American embassies in the Middle East were happening as a result of “the policy of appeasement” and called for immediate congressional hearings into the violence that has left four foreign service officers dead.

“You can start them tomorrow. These hearings should start,” Inhofe told Fox News.

“Let’s keep in mind, this is a big deal,” he continued. “We have four countries right now attacking America. When you attack an embassy, you’re attacking America. We can’t sit around and wait for hearings. We’ve got to do it right now.”

Inhofe was then asked by Fox host Steve Doocy if the attacks were the result of President Obama’s foreign policy, and specifically his “apology tour” when he visited Egypt at the beginning of his presidency. Although the president did not issue any apologies during that trip, Republicans have criticized the tone as too conciliatory.

“Yeah. What foreign policy? The policy of appeasement,” Inhofe said. “Yes, it’s happening as a result of that… this thing is huge. we mentioned four countries, let me tell you, it’s not going to stop there. there is war against america throughout the entire region. they’re attacking us now.”

Inhofe went on to call for the suspension of aid to countries where diplomatic missions had been attacked. In an interview Wednesday with Telemundo, President Obama said the United States didn’t “have the option of withdrawing from the world.”

Yet, the main stream media is all over Mitt Romney for comments that are consistent with his world view and his foreign policy positions.

Are American voters watching?

One Comment

  • Fond of Complex Analysis

    A consistently nostalgic worldview is still a nostalgic worldview. Gone are the days of sabre-rattling and glowering at the savage until he cowers in fear and gone are the days of white-hats and black-hats, if they ever existed at all. The savage has grown a pair and backs it up with weapons bought at a post-Soviet yard sale. The black hats seem to manifest themselves on our heads as often as they do our adversaries. We have roughly 3.2 million military personnel to hand and the would-be Commander-in-Chief really has it in mind to strut about like a peacock and take on all challengers? I’ll ask the same question I did before: are you certain there are enough bullets to deal with the mob (6.6 billion non-Americans) on the the doorstep?

    Of course I think Romeny and his handlers know the facts of modern diplomacy as well as Obama and his followers do. I think they’re also aware that the typical voter doesn’t care to understand the subtle complexities of foreign affairs. I don’t have any reason to suspect Romney’s foreign policy will be any different than Obama’s. He’ll still bow and scrape as needed, especially when it comes to the debt-holders and the distributors of fossil fuels. The trick will be in re-skinning the same foreign policy practices for the benefit of the more-romantic-than-globally-aware conservative audience.