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    Day by Day February 5, 2011 – Sleeping with the Enemy

    Day by Day by Chris Muir

    General Electric is playing Crony Capitalism with President Obama. When GE owned NBC and NBC News they did everything they could to perpetuate a Democratic Party majority.

    OOPS. General Electric sold NBC to Comcast and the GOP won the House.

    But, Immelt is continuing his relationship with the President in hopes of sleeping with the enemy of business will help him and GE.

    I don’t think American voters and GE stockholders are going to buy it.


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    Drama at General Electric Shareholders Meeting: Why is MSNBC Slanting LEFT?; Updated: Jesse Waters Audio

    Bill O’Reilly responds to Janeane Garofalo’s comments on teabaggers by blaming GE and NBC

    Bill O’Reilly Show and Fox News Producer Jesse Waters ambush General Electric Executives at annual stockholder meeting again this year.

    The hostility between Fox News Channel and MSNBC reached a fever pitch Wednesday when a Fox producer infiltrated the GE shareholders meeting.

    Just before GE re-elected board members, company brass were hit with questions from shareholders critical of an alleged leftward political slant at MSNBC.

    But one of those questions came from Jesse Waters, a producer on “The O’Reilly Factor” whose criticisms were cut short when his microphone was cut off, according to several attendees. Waters apparently did not publicly identify himself as a Fox employee.

    Waters has built a reputation as an ambush interviewer, specializing in on-the-street confrontations. But this is arguably the boldest move by a Fox newsie to utilize the tactic inside their chief rival’s tent, as it were.

    O’Reilly and MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann have been involved in a running feud for several years, but the pissing match between the two has of late started to envelope other parts of the News Corp. and GE empires.

    GE pointed out that Waters had Fox News cameras waiting outside the Orlando meeting.

    Attendees who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter said shareholders asked about 10 politically charged questions concerning MSNBC as well as one about CNBC.

    It should be noted that Jesse Waters is a shareholder of General Electric and asked questions last year at the annual meeting. Apparently, the shareholders were upset with MSNBC because of its leftward lean politically.

    When he got the floor, Waters focused his question about MSNBC on Olbermann’s interview of actress Janeane Garofalo, who likened conservatives to racists and spoke of “the limbic brain inside a right-winger.”

    “He (Waters) was complaining that Olbermann didn’t bother to challenge her,” another GE shareholder said.

    Immelt told the assembled he takes a hands-off approach to what is reported on the company’s news networks, which prompted a shareholder to criticize him for not managing NBC Uni more effectively.

    But, it is not just MSNBC’s talking heads that are ALL LEFT all of the time. The NBC News division both national and Los Angeles are filled with left-leaning stories, interviews and personalities.

    So, are the GE shareholders worried about the sinking of the once mighty General Electric Corporation?

    I wouldn’t own their stock.


    Here is the audio of Jesse Water’s asking his question. Note the applause and the boos that follow Immelt’s response.

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