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    Day By Day for June 26 and June 27, 2012

    Day By Day by Chris Muir – No S–t

    Day By Day by Chris Muir -News

    Chris, everyone is wating for tomorrow’s Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare.

    Fortunately, for Attorney General Eric Holder his machinations with Fast and Furious may be lost in the media frenzy. But, this issue will come back to bite the Obama Administration.

    The Fast and Furious scandal WILL be tied into the President’s illegal immigration policy and further alienate voters in Colorado and Nevada – key battleground states for the November general election.

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    Senator Marco Rubio Says Attorney General Eric Holder Must Resign

    Florida United States Senator Marco Rubio

    Senator Marco Rubio is calling upon United States Attorney general Eric Holder to resign over the Fast and Furious Flap.

    Florida Sen. Marco Rubio told The Daily Caller on Thursday that it’s time for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign over the Fast and Furious scandal.

    During a breakfast for reporters organized by The Christian Science Monitor on Thursday, Rubio responded “yes” when asked if he agrees with presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and the five other U.S. Senators who have called for Holder’s resignation.

    “I think we’re at the point of no return,” Rubio said.

    A House committee voted on Wednesday to hold Holder in contempt for not turning over documents related to the program after the White House exerted executive privilege.

    “I think evoking executive privilege at the 11th hour yesterday was probably the last straw…I don’t know how the attorney general can continue to exercise that office with any level of credibility after the decision that was made yesterday,” Rubio said.

    Other senators have called on Holder to resign, including South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, Texas Sen. John Cornyn, Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson and Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe.

    “I think the House has provided the attorney general multiple forums in which he can produce and answer these questions without endangering the kind of information that he thinks would endanger the ability to function in the future,” Rubio said. “And they’ve refused to do that.”

    I don’t think Holder who is a long time Democratic Party HACK will be given his leave by President Obama. After all, Holder has been around long enough to know where all of the Democratic bodies are buried.

    But, this entire flap has the potential to blow up in Obama’s face or hurt Democratic Congressional candidates in the Southwest who do not disavow the Attorney General.

    American voters are already distrustful of the federal government and Fast and Furious may be the “perfect storm” as an anti-Democratic wedge issue.

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    Day By Day June 21, 2012 – Dress Up

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    Chris, there is plenty to be “dressed up” about with the imminent ObamaCare SCOTUS decision and the House voted contempt of Attorney General Eric Holder over Fast and Furious.

    The Fast and Furious investigation has finally handed House Republicans a prize they’ve long sought: a legal smackdown of the Obama administration.

    Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) was able to show skeptical conservatives that his spine could stay stiff under pressure from President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder by locking arms with Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) on a contempt of Congress vote Wednesday. There was no daylight — at least publicly — between Boehner and Issa, a dynamic the White House was desperately seeking.

    It is certain that some Americans will be “PISSED” over the decisions.

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    Day By Day January 4, 2012 – Bupkis

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    The Obama Administration which is the FAR LEFT only respects powers that agree with their ideology. They will subvert the democratic process, if need, be because they “feel” it is their duty and the right thing to do.

    A little deception from the Attorney General in the grand scheme of their plans is inconsequential to them – let them eat Bupkis.

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    Day By Day October 21, 2011 – 99 Percent

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    Chris, I believe you should be referring to the Community Reinvestment Act rather than the Dodd-Frank Act with regards to the housing crisis that began in 2008 and continues today. In any case, the polling of the Occupy Wall Street protesters by Doug Schoen in the Wall Street Journal is fairly telling.

    Our research shows clearly that the movement doesn’t represent unemployed America and is not ideologically diverse. Rather, it comprises an unrepresentative segment of the electorate that believes in radical redistribution of wealth, civil disobedience and, in some instances, violence. Half (52%) have participated in a political movement before, virtually all (98%) say they would support civil disobedience to achieve their goals, and nearly one-third (31%) would support violence to advance their agenda.

    With regards to Holder, he will comply like a typical attorney = barely, unless ordered by a judge.